Coffee Tables

Give your living room a focal point with a stylish coffee table. We've got wooden and glass coffee tables in round and square shapes - anything you need for your lounge.

Coffee Tables

Add a stylish centrepiece to your living room with a new coffee table! Whether it's a modern, glossy coffee table, a classy piece made of marble or a storage coffee table to keep your books and magazines, you can browse our selection and find what you need. There's a huge range of unique coffee tables with wooden or hairpin legs to choose from so you can tailor it to however you'd like your living room to be set up!

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

We've got small coffee tables or large tables with storage underneath to allow you to either place it in the middle of the room or just by the side of the sofa for tea and nibbles. You may want to opt for a longer, rectangular table for a large floor space or a smaller, round table with hairpin legs if it's going slightly off-centre or next to a chair or shelf. Of course if you can't decide you could always choose a nested coffee table set with different-sized tables with metal mesh leg and mirror coffee table on offer as well you're sure to find a as unique a design as you want!

White Coffee Tables, Oak and More

The shape and design of your table aren't the only things you'll want to consider - the finish on your coffee table is vital to trying everything together. Consider a glossy, white finish if you have white or grey furniture already or to contrast with deep colours or opt for an oak finish if you fancy a more rustic feel. Of course, if you're not just buying a coffee table and are revamping the entire living room you can check out our matching living room furniture sets!