Buying Your First Barbecue

Get yourself ready for the warmer summer seasons by buying your first barbecue! Don't worry if you haven't got a clue where to start, as all our advice is underneath the deals below.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A BBQ?

Investing in your very first barbecue can be an intimidating venture, but we're here to help! A few simple decisions at the beginning of this process can make the rest of your purchase as easy as it will be to grill up food for the family! Depending on what you plan to cook on your new BBQ, you'll need a different type to suit your needs a if your plan is only to fry up a few burger patties every time summer rolls around, then a simple gas grill will be your best bet. However, if you fancy yourself a master griller in training, we suggest searching instead for a combination grill, offering you plenty of options for meat, veg, and more for dinnertime. Think about the space you have, too! There's no use investing in a huge BBQ that you have no room for, so measure up in advance.

What Kind Of BBQ Is Best For Beginners?

It may seem a little scary if you're going to be barbecuing for the first time, but don't worry as they're generally all pretty easy to use! It is suggested though, that charcoal BBQs are the simplest ones to use. The charcoal BBQ also allows you to cook at varying levels of heat from a really high temperature to a really low temperature. Gas BBQs are also an option, but the heat and temperature is more difficult to control, and they do not get as hot as charcoal barbecues do. Again, it's a good idea to have a think about what sort of foods you're most likely going to be cooking on the barbecue most often.

How Long Should I BBQ For The First Time?

If you've made your grilling choice, you're now at the fun part! Before your first BBQ garden party, it is suggested that you let any new barbecue burn on its own for around half an hour, just to burn off any packing material or oil that could be lingering. After this, it's happy days and hopefully happy cooking!

What Type Of BBQ Is Best?

In many ways, charcoal comes off as king of grilling. It can reach higher temperatures, sear meat nicer, and gives a much richer, smokier flavour to food. However, gas grills can work better for some people! Smaller, more portable BBQs can come in handy if you're a travelling griller (think of the delicious burgers as you camp!) but huge stationery are others' favourite. What BBQ is best depends on what you will predominantly be utilising your grill for, and that should be at the forefront of all of your decisions as you shop.

What To Do Before Cooking On A New BBQ?

Besides letting the grill burn for 20-30 minutes on the first use, your brand new barbecue is practically ready to go straight out of the box! Cleaning it down with a simple damp cloth or with white vinegar/ stainless steel cleaner is always an option, but shouldn't be necessary if it comes packaged perfectly. A spray of cooking oil can also help with some foods. So, what are you waiting for?! Get cooking, kings and queens of the grill!