Black Friday 2022: Tips & Advice to make the most of the sales

Black Friday will be back before you know it and we're preparing some incredible deals for you, but in the meantime see below for our top tips and advice on how to make the most of the sales. You can shop our best deals here Our Best Black Friday Deals

Should I plan ahead for Black Friday?

Yes, definitely! While there's nothing wrong with impulse buying, knowing what you want beforehand really helps, and it should even help you tick things off your Christmas shopping list! Ideally, make a list of things you know you're looking for maybe Christmas presents for friends and family or something you've fancied for a while yourself. If you do happen to see something on the day that's not on your list, just go for it! It's rumoured that retailers will be starting their sales earlier and earlier this year, so it's best to keep an eye out and get started early. Even on the day itself, it's worth starting early as products may sell out quickly and delivery times could be delayed!

Should I shop online or in store on Black Friday?

There will definitely be sales across both online and in-store, but to get the best deals, you're better off shopping online plus you get to beat the queues!

Should I download an app?

Shopping apps are a great way to complete your shopping and make for a much smoother transaction. Also, with our shopping app, you can create a wishlist making it easier for you to have everything in one place. On the day, simply move the items from your wishlist to the basket!

Should I make an account in advance?

If you make an account in advance, it'll definitely make things quicker and easier on the day. You'll only need to log in, or you can keep to choose yourself logged in for an even quicker checkout and enter your card details. We would suggest making an account in advance is a good idea.

Is Black Friday a good time to buy Christmas presents?

Black Friday is your best chance to bag a great deal in time for the festive period. You can even get deals on specific Christmas items like trees, decorations, lights, baubles and more ready for the big day just less than a month later!