Beard Trimmers and Razors

Get that clean shave you've been dreaming of from the comfort of your own home. Wowcher's got plenty of razors and beard trimmers that'll have you looking like you just stepped out of a famous salon!

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Difference Between Beard Trimmer and Razor

If you're keen to get that well-groomed look, there are several beard trimmers and razors out there for you to rock this style from your own home, but which is best? Generally, trimmers come fully equipped with several different attachments and heads so you have free rein to choose your length. If you're keen to experiment with different styles and lengths, opt for a trimmer.

Alternatively, razors have been known to cut hairs much closer than a trimmer, so if you're trying to achieve a more neat and perfected look, then you'll want to get your hands on a razor.

How to Shape Your Beard with a Trimmer

If you're ready to get started straight away on those barber skills with your new beard trimmer, you can shape it to the desired shape and style in a few simple steps. First, you'll need to start by getting the longest hairs and gradually bringing it down. Make sure your trimmer is fixed to the longest setting, and work your way around the whole beard. If you've got a load of excess bulk that you need removing, try and trim against the direction of your beard. Repeat this process using shorter and shorter settings, until you've finally reached the desired length.

Different Types of Beard Trimmer

Cordless Trimmer

For a quick and easy grooming session on the go, cordless trimmers are the answer. Featuring a soft touch grip for easy application, these nifty tools can run for around 60 minutes without the need for wires, with a high-precision blade for perfected shaves.

3-in-1 Groomer and Trimmer

If you're really keen to get ahead with the male grooming, then the 3-in-1 groomer and trimmer might come in handy. These useful tools will neaten up your beard (or any other facial hair) in no time, coming equipped with a storage stand and washbag, and a charger that enables cordless use for a certain amount of time, or even the choice of a stubble trimmer.

Online Beard Trimming Courses

If you've recently purchased a razor or beard trimmer want to take your male grooming skills to the next level, there are plenty of online courses for you. Here, a trained professional will be ready to teach you a range of hair techniques (including cutting, styling and shaping) from basic to advanced level. Most courses offer 24/7 tutor support and even a certificate upon completion.

After Care

The aftercare process for shaving is very important, and doesn't require a ton of effort. To keep your razor (or trimmer) working well after it's been used, make sure you rinse the head well and store it in a dry place. As for your skin, it's important to keep it conditioned daily with a beard oil or beard balm, as well as regular brushing to prevent knots and dirt build up. In some cases, you might even want to use a special beard shampoo to keep things super clean.

What Do the Numbers on Beard Trimmers Mean?

Quite simply, the numbers you'll see on beard trimmers and razors represent each length setting. Most products contain eight guards, and the longer the setting means the longer the haircut. It's important to get yourself familiarised with each of these before use, so you don't make any mistakes.