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Fri Aug 21 23:59:59 BST 2015

Single or Mirror Will Writing Service£15 instead of £99 for a professional single will writing service, £19 for a mirror will with Peninsula Life Services - save up to 85%

A professional single will writing service with Peninsula Life Services (was £99) OR redeem for a Wowcher Wallet Credit.
You save 85% (£84)
A professional mirror will writing service with Peninsula Life Services (was £139) OR redeem for a Wowcher Wallet Credit.
You save 86% (£120)
Cost of deals : = £0.00
Collect 1,500 Club Wowcher points when you buy this deal
Save up to 85%
Promotion ends on
21 / 08 / 2015


  • Get a single or double will written.
  • Ensure your loved one are provided for when you've gone.
  • Consultations can be at the offices or in the comfort of your home.
  • Plus a follow-up appointment for you to check through your will and sign.
  • Member of the Society of Will Writers.

The Fine Print

  • One per person or per couple.
  • May buy multiples as gifts.
  • Voucher valid until 22nd Nov 2015.
  • Valid for all Merseyside postcodes.
  • Appointments subject to availability.

Full Details

Even if you were never a Boy Scout, it's important to be prepared, which is why we've brought you today's deal...

We’re offering you a single will writing service from a qualified estate planner for £15, or a mirror will writing service for just £19, saving you up to 85% off Peninsula Life Services' prices.

To begin, you will meet with a qualified member of the Peninsula Life team to draw up your will in the comfort of your own home or at the company offices (see the map below). This gives you the opportunity to express your personal wishes while your consultant helps you to organise your assets between your loved ones. You’ll then have a further face-to-face meeting to check through the will draft, written by a qualified member of The Estate Planners Network and the Society of Will Writers, before you sign. We all know how precious our family is to us, so make sure they're cared for when you're not around...


How to Redeem

  1. When you've bought we'll send you your unique wowcher code.
  2. Call or email Peninsula Life Services to book using the details we send you.
  3. Quote your full wowcher code.

The deal can also entitle you to a Wowcher Wallet Credit. Click here for more info.