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Belmond Luxury Rail Inspiration

Step on board and the real world evaporates behind you is a sentiment often voiced by travellers on the Belmond British Pullman train. Together with the Northern Belle, the magnificent period carriages enable guests to experience all the magic of a 30s era journey with the comforts of modern day hospitality.


The British Pullman offers day trips from London Victoria while the Northern Belle specialises in regional departures, both transporting passengers to spectacular UK destinations. To sit within these parlour cars is to travel in a work of art: the Belmond British Pullman consists of restored vintage carriages, while on the Northern Belle trips you will see the exquisite marquetry panels. Choose from a variety of experiences including day trips to historic towns such as Lincoln and Harrogate or relax amidst the train’s luxurious surroundings and enjoy entertainment ranging from murder mystery plots or even close-up table magic.


Service is a highlight of every journey with trips including a sumptuous fine dining extravaganza whether this be a multiple course brunch, lunch or dinner. When visiting Britain’s greatest cities, gardens, castles and sporting events aboard these luxury trains, the journey is as much of an experience as the destination.