Windscreen Covers

As the colder weather is set to stay for a while, we're here to help make life a little easier for you this Winter! With our range of windscreen covers, you won't need to get up early in the mornings to scrape the ice away! Check out our guide on windscreen covers below!

Anti-Freeze Windscreen Cover | Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover | Magnetic Windscreen & Wing Mirror Cover | Car Windscreen Cover | Magnetic Protective Windshield Cover | 4 in 1 Windshield Defroster & Portable Heater

What's a windscreen cover used for?

Windscreen covers are a great resource to have in the Winter. You'll benefit from the most if you use them on frosty cold nights to prevent your windscreen from freezing. This will eliminate you having to spend time scraping your windscreen clear in the morning.

How do I fit a windscreen cover?

Windscreen covers are relatively easy to fit, and are definitely worth taking the time to do as it saves you from having to defrost your windscreen the next morning! To fit your windscreen cover, firstly cover the windscreen and secure the suction cups on side windows, and then secure the cover with your car doors, and you're done!

Anti-Freeze Windscreen Covers

We have some great deals on windscreen covers here for you on Wowcher, starting with our anti-freeze windscreen covers. The worst thing on a Winter's morning is standing out there freezing while you have to scrape and de-ice your car, but you can say goodbye to all that with this cover! If we're lucky enough to see some snow, then you'll simply need to give the cover a shake to remove the snow, and then you can get on your way!

Magnetic Car Windscreen Cover

All of our covers are obviously suited for Winter and keeping the snow and ice away from your windscreens, but they can actually be used in the Summer too to keep the temperature cool in your car! No more burning your hands on the steering wheel! The magnetic windscreen cover is much easier to attach as the strong magnets means it's attached to your windscreen in seconds. This windscreen cover even comes with a storage bag for when you're not using it! We also have an amazing deal on a magnetic windscreen and wing mirror cover, meaning you won't need to fiddle with straps as it attaches easily! It will keep your mirrors clear as well as your windscreen!

Windshield Covers

Windshield covers work in a similar way, but as it says in the name, they also protect the windscreen from wind. Your windscreen will be protected from frost as well as rain and leaves! It features 5 ultra strong magnets, so even on the windiest of days, the cover will stay put! Additionally, we have our deal on a 4 in 1 windshield defroster and portable heater. This can produce hot or cold air in an instant, and works well at defrosting or demisting your windscreen while keeping you warm inside your car at the same time!