What is a strimmer used for?

Now that the sun is finally shining, it’s time to makeover the garden, ready for BBQs, garden picnics and even early mornings with an iced coffee! You’ve given the lawn a good cut but there’s still those corners and weeds that you just can’t seem to get. But no worries… the strimmer is here to slice your worries in half! A string trimmer is ideal for all those hard-to-reach areas such as corners or awkward angles. Never heard of it? We’ll get you acquainted and soon enough you’ll be a field expert!

First and foremost, the strimmer is perfect for trimming grass and keeping it level. Usually, a strimmer comes with an extension lever making it even more convenient to reach corners. With cordless strimmers, clearing large spaces will be quick and easy!

Another great use of a strimmer is edging lawns. Paving and pathways in lawns can look so lush when they’re not overcrowded by tufts of grass and stubborn weeds. Swiftly tidy your pathways with a strimmer and soon enough your grass will be greener than anyone’s! Strimmers can also be great for creating new edges and lines, let your imagination run wild!

Weeds can often be the bane of your garden’s existence and no matter what angle you mow, you can’t seem to get them at their root. That’s where the strimmer comes in handy, simply run the strimmer over the pesky weeds and see them disappear. With cordless trimmers that can be easily stored in your shed, you can quickly take out the gadget and remove any weeds within a flash! This is perfect for all those impromptu BBQs and garden parties.

One of the biggest advantages of a strimmer is its speed, it can clear lots of grass and weeds in a short period of time. This means that a strimmer will be your favourite tool in Spring as you prepare for the hotter months of summer! Maybe you are moving into a house with an overgrown garden that needs a bit of sprucing up, look no further than the strimmer! Now let’s cut to the chase, more often than not, gardens have uneven ground and sometimes sloped areas. Those areas often seem restricted when it comes to lawn mowing but with a strimmer those areas can easily be cut without much faff! Who said that gardens can’t look perfect?

Strimmers are not just for cleaning up and amateur gardeners but also the very-valued tool of the expert! Experienced gardeners can diversify their skills with the strimmer and use it to create detailed work such as shapes and patterns. Strimmers can also be used to embellish garden features, the opportunities are endless!

Of course with that much power, comes responsibility. When operating the strimmer be sure to wear a face shield or safety goggles because you don’t want any small objects such as stones or twigs to hit your face. Sturdy footwear and gloves are also recommended whilst gardening!


Now that we’ve given you the lawn down, you can begin your garden strimming journey and bask in the pride of a clean, beautiful garden!