Ways To Save Money This Winter

Temperatures will soon start to fall and the nights will start to draw in. But with gas and electricity prices rising, you may be at a loss thinking what am I going to do and how can I save money? Well, don't fret! As these small ideas can help save you money this winter!


There are plenty of simple things to do to cut how much gas you use. However, one of the best ways to save money on your heating is by turning off heaters in the rooms you are not using and shutting the doors to keep the warm air elsewhere. Another way to save money on your heating bills during the cold winter months is to time your heating for when you get up and only put it on in the evening, rather than having it on throughout the entire day, this way your house is relatively warm and you will save money! However, if you're feeling cold during the day then a big snug hoodie always helps!


Lighting is another factor of a home that can take a big chunk out of your monthly salary. However, there are many ways to save money on your electricity bills, and being a bit more conscious of the lighting in your home is one of them! So rather than keeping lights on when you don't need them, simply switch them off and change your regular light bulbs for energy-saving light bulbs and we guarantee you will save a ton of money. Another great option for lighting in your home is solar-powered lights as they don't rack up your electricity bills and can be better for the environment as well!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Now we know you may be thinking why on earth would I consider thinking about Christmas now when it's only summer? Well, Christmas can be an expensive time of year, and rather than waiting till the last minute to spend all your money on expensive Christmas gifts, why not make your own? Homemade Christmas gifts may take more time and thought but what better gift is there than a gift that was handmade with love?

Plan Your Car Journeys

With petrol prices through the roof, you may be thinking how can I save money in winter when I use my car all the time? Well, one way to make the most of your car journey and save yourself some money is to avoid filling up on motorways or main roads, as these garages tend to be more expensive. So the best way to save money when driving is to opt for a supermarket petrol station to fill up, as a lot of supermarket petrol stations offer a range of deals and loyalty schemes. For example, Tesco, often runs promotional offers whereby a certain spend in store will give you a discount, usually around 5p per litre, at one of their petrol stations.

Vouchers & Discounts

Using vouchers and discounts can be a great way of saving money, and they won't break the bank! So if you find yourself constantly spending far too much money in stores or online shopping, then you should have a look to see if there are any ways to bag yourself a discount. One particular way to save money when shopping is to sign up for a loyalty card, in particular, a Tesco's Clubcard will save you a ton of money on shopping, and you will get the chance to gain points to use coupons on your shopping, saving you even more money! Another tip for when you are online shopping is to look for discounts on websites, as most websites will have a discount code for you to get money off your shop! And lastly, emails! You might not bother to look at your emails much but if you've registered with several places online, they usually send out emails with discount codes, so it's worth checking your inbox now and then!

Heating Alternatives

With heating prices soaring through the roof you may be wondering are there other alternatives to regular gas boiler heating? Well, the answer is yes! One great alternative to regular gas boiler heating is solar thermal heating. By using solar thermal heating you will notice a significant difference in your monthly bills as they convert the sun's warmth and rays into usable heat. Solar thermal heating is often used to heat water, however, they can create hot air too. You can also invest in a space heater, and space heaters are a cost-effective and convenient way to heat a space quickly. Most of them are portable and run on electricity, however, they are much more cost-effective than switching your heating on as they can heat a space a lot quicker than radiators. So once the space feels hot you can simply switch it off and enjoy feeling cosy for a long time!