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Get even more out of your city break by booking a tour or experience from Viator. While you're out and about gallivanting round some of Europe's most iconic and impressive sights, why not leave the knowledge and historical fact finding to the experts, discover more places you would never have visited, and see the city in a more unique, fun, and memorable way. Whether it's a day trip to experience the magic of Disneyland Paris, a historical visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, a relaxing trip to the Sky Lagoon in Iceland, a jam-packed and entertaining Prague Clock Tower bar crawl, or simply a Big Bus hop-on-hop off ride around the city of Budapest, you're sure to see the quirks and charms of each destination. No matter where you end up, there's a tour or experience to help you make the most of your holiday and really see and experience each city in its own authentic way, exactly the way it should be!