Trivial Pursuit

A favourite past time and the best Christmas game to crack out, we've got Trivial Pursuit board games for Harry Potter, The Big Bang Theory and much more!

Trivial Pursuit

What can be better than a game of Trivial Pursuit? How about loads of different Trivial Pursuit editions allowing you to test your knowledge on a range of subjects. Yeah, we thought that would be more to your liking!

What Are The Trivial Pursuit Categories?

In the classic game of trivial pursuit there are six different categories represented by six different colours - Entertainment (pink), Sports & Leisure (orange), History (yellow), Geography (blue), Arts & Literature (purple) and Science & Nature (green). With hundred of questions for each, it'll be a tough job to meet the aim of the game and collect all the wedges!

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Only the most studious witches and wizards will be able to answer these Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit questions. Giving the classic board game a magical twist, the Harry Potter edition of Trivial pursuit has hundreds of subjects about the characters, locations, classes and events from the films and books. Instead of the traditional Trivial Pursuit categories, the Harry Potter edition has you answering questions about Hogwarts, the Dark Arts, Magical Potions and Spells, Magical People, Animals and Magical Creatures and Magical Objects - perfect for separating the Potterheads from the Muggles!

Film and TV Editions

For fans of other shows we have a wide range to choose from, from Rick and Morty to Doctor Who for sci-fi fans to the Big Bang Theory for those who are into their comedy. We even have The Beatles Trivial Pursuit for those of you who are looking for more of a musical angle!