Get ready to bounce into action with Wowcher's full range of trampolines, providing endless fun for your little ones to enjoy in the garden during the warmer months.

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On days where the sun comes out, there's nothing the kids will enjoy more than rounding up all their pals for a jump around on the trampoline, with a variety of different shapes and sizes for sale to suit your garden style.

Rounded trampolines

You might opt for a traditional round trampoline. These are generally the most popular types which can often be found in most of our backyards. To keep your little ones safe, many of these garden trampolines come equipped with a mesh safety net. These usually span from 4ft to a hefty 15ft in size.

Are trampolines waterproof?

Trampolines are a great way to enjoy a warm summer's day. Having said this, British weather can be very temperamental and these structures are generally kept up in the garden all year long. Luckily, outdoor trampolines are designed with rust-resistant frames and rugged mats, meaning they can stand up against even the harshest of weather conditions.

How Do I Choose A Trampoline For My Child?

A trampoline is an exciting new addition for any child, but it can be tricky for parents to know which one to get, that's where we come in as we're here to guide you on how to choose a trampoline! The most important thing to do, and what you should do first is measure how much space you've got in your garden, so you know what you're working with. Also, try to find a space in the garden that is free of branches or uneven ground so the trampoline will be safe and secure. Once you've measured, you'll know what size you need! The most popular size tends to be 8ft, but of course you can get bigger or smaller sizes depending on the room that you've got.

How Long Will My Trampoline Last?

Obviously, this depends on how often you use it, how you use it and maintain caring for it. Generally speaking, trampolines should last you between 3 and 8 years. If you're using it frequently, then the pad may wear quicker!

If you'd like to stay on the safe side, there are also plenty of trampoline tent covers that'll keep your trampoline nice and dry during rainstorms, and stop any leaves getting inside.


All the trampolines on Wowcher are available to be delivered straight to your door, ready for you to safely assemble - so you don't need to travel and lug around a heavy box. The sellers on site are generally delivering within 7 days after redeeming your voucher.