Things To Do With Kids This Summer

If you're looking for fun activities that you can do with the kids this summer, then look no further as we've got all the gear and all the ideas to make it the best summer ever!

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Theme Parks & Adventure Parks

Get the kids out and on a real adventure this summer by visiting a theme park or adventure park! Whether you want to keep it local or make a little trip out of it, we've got deals for adventures all over the country, so take your pick. Grab a ticket to the Nickelodeon outdoor family adventure park, an immersive experience that your little ones will just love! The experience is touring the UK, so whether you're looking to go to 1 date or all of them, we're sure you'll have a great time. Expect to see themes based around top shows like PAW Patrol, SpongeBob SquarePants, Henry Danger and many more. Just watch out that you don't get slimed! Or take them for a day out at Gulliver's World! Let your little ones experience and explore new worlds like The Lost World Of The Living Dinosaurs and Smugglers Wharf. Splash down the log flume, ride the roller coasters and get spun around on the merry go round. When you need a break, grab a pizza or a hotdog at Big G Diner Hotspot!

Have Fun In The Garden

You don't have to go out everyday to have a great time, sometimes the fun starts at home, and with our deals, it definitely does! We know that it can get very hot in the summer, so we've got this kids outdoor water sprinkler pad. They'll be able to sit on the pad or run through it as the sprinkler soaks them with water, and when you're done, it folds away for easy storage! Or we've got this summer outdoor hop scotch garden game. This is an ideal garden game for the kids to play, and the adults can easily join in too! Simply interlock the foam pieces to set up the game, and thanks to it being lightweight you can take it out on your adventures with you too.

Take Them Camping

Camping is a good way to get the kids enjoying the great outdoors! Whether you've never camped before or you go regularly, it's a great activity to do with the kids. Don't worry if you've not got all the camping gear, as we've got you covered with this camping tent which pops up so you won't have to worry about building it yourself! For those that really want to lounge and relax, we have this camping hammock. A comfortable alternative to sleeping in the tent that includes easy hanging loops so you can hang it up wherever you want to. We've also got this folding camping table for all your essentials, from food to toiletries.

Make Your Own...

Make your own kits are a great idea to do with kids in the summer! Whether you're making something tasty to eat or you're creating a new special toy, you can help your little ones and join in on the fun. Help your kids to create their very own perfume lab with this create your own perfume lab kit! They'll be able to pick and design their very own scent for them or for you to enjoy. All you need to do is mix the fragrances and perfume crystals together, and there you go! Or we have this build your own giant garden play house where they'll get plenty of pieces to build their ultimate house. There's even enough pieces for them to build a skyscraper! It's also a great learning tool. For something tasty, we have this ice cream making kit where you can make vanilla, chocolate or honeycomb ice cream! Each kit comes with everything that you need to create your masterpieces, you'll just need to add eggs, cream and milk.

Animal Experiences

We all love animals, and a zoo is great fun for kids, but we have some experiences where they can get up close and personal with them! You've pigged the right place to come as we've got this piggy pet & play experience. They'll also get to meet goats, chickens, cockerels, ducks and guinea pigs. You'll be introduced to the little piggys where your children will get to hold them and groom them. The perfect experience to start introducing your little ones to animals and nature! Yes, the adults can have a go too! Or we have an alpaca experience where you can meet and greet the alpacas with your older children before you take them on a stroll. An unforgettable experience for animal lovers!

Indoor Activities

Who doesn't love a bit of soft play? It's also a good opportunity for you parents to have a break! We've got these tickets for Gambado soft play where your little ones will get to play in ball pools, crawl tubes and slides spread over 3 levels of fun. There's also fairground rides which they have unlimited access to, so they'll get the best of both worlds! Whether you're the parent that wants to get involved with the play, or the one that wants to sit back with a cup of tea, we're sure you'll have a great time. Or if you want to see them jump, jump, jump, jump around, then you'll love this trampolining session! There's also some great games for them to play including Power Tower and the Battle Beam. Plus, there's a cafe for the parents to relax in while the kids bounce around.