Latest Tech Trends

Like it or not, technology has become a huge part of almost everybody's daily life - even more so as the years go by. Should we expect the constant flow of new technology revolutions to slow down anytime soon? We don't think so...

What Is The Latest Trending Technology?

One of the most impactful trending technologies at the moment is named the 'Internet of Things' (IoT), which simply describes the way devices, machines, and day to day objects are all connected via the internet. This connection allows devices to send and receive data and therefore work as one. The IoT can be seen in action in smart homes with devices for every task, wearable devices that 'speak' to our phones, transportation, and even in healthcare. We sometimes unknowingly take part in this trending technology by simply using the apps installed on our phone or smart watch - popular fitness and meditation applications, video sharing apps that collect data on our habits and hobbies, and weather and transport apps. No doubt as time goes on this IoT will only grow and gain traction with more and more devices and daily objects becoming a part of the connection.

Smarter Devices

Whether it's an Alexa that can tell you about a great recipe on demand or a robot that vacuums the crumbs up from your floor, homes are getting smarter by the day! Do these technological advances help or hinder us in the long run? Do they make us lazy? There is much discourse on the answers to these questions, but the opinions are often split directly down the middle with regards to machines in the home being a good or bad change. These smart devices can be a great help for people living with disabilities, especially if they live on their own - and having devices that are able to work together to create a smooth experience of cooking, cleaning, or even just putting on a film makes day to day life that much easier. Even if they're not meant to be inherently helpful, smart devices can also just be fun! They can make mundane tasks more enjoyable and interactive for everyone that is willing to learn how to use them, and can offer a different, futuristic way to view the world around us.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer just for games! VR is now a booming technology that is being used throughout tens of industries, and looks to be one of the next trending technology revolutions that will take the world by storm. But, what is it? Put simply, the term virtual reality refers to an environment that someone can explore and interact with that has been completely computer-generated. Being so fully immersed in this environment can make the individual feel like a real part of the world that has been created around them. This amazing technology was made popular mostly by the gaming industry, with games like Beat Saber gaining popularity for the cool, Star Wars-inspired gameplay and immersive settings it provided. Nowadays, VR is being trialled and used throughout healthcare, real estate, education, and many more areas that are trying to move forward with the times. Not only is VR capable of tricking the brain into thinking it truly is in the virtually created environment, but it can help train surgeons, teach students, sell houses, plan largescale architecture projects, advertise to consumers, create art, hold workplace meetings and even allow tourists to visit their favourite places from the comfort of their own home. So if you fancy investing in a VR headset anytime soon, you'll not only be advancing your gameplay opportunities, you will also be a part of a huge technology trend that we are sure to see more of very soon...

What Is The Next Big Technology?

As we look to the future of technology, we can see a whole host of wacky predictions, such as outrageous imaginary robots that will do our bidding or serve us cups of tea as we relax in virtual coffee shops in the Metaverse. However, we can also clearly see more logical and likely scenarios - even smarter homes, more people inevitably learning to adapt to these changes or even growing up as children with these devices as the norm. Advances in medical technology with simpler tests that can give us more detailed diagnoses, 6G for our phones and wearable devices (though it feels as if we only just got 5G), self-driving cars on the road, and even more intelligent AI. You name the crazy technology idea and someone is most likely dreaming up a way to make it a reality as you read this! With technology being a constantly evolving sector and thousands of ideas and inventions being thought of every day, the world is due to change before our very eyes!