Sustainable Christmas 2023

If you wanna have a special festive Christmas, but be good to the planet at the same time, then don't worry, we're here to help! Scroll down for our tips and advice on how to make your Christmas a sustainable one!

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There are lots of ways that you can make your Christmas gifts more sustainable this year, and whether you can help a little or a lot, we can all do our bit to help our planet this festive season! We'd recommend going with quality over quantity, how many of us are guilty of receiving a gift, but never using it? Another good idea is to gift an experience, then there will be no unnecessary plastic packaging that needs to be disposed of. We have a great range of experiences here on Wowcher including this supercar driving experience and this segway experience! When you're buying your presents and wrapping paper, try to think about sustainability and look at what materials gifts are made from, and if the wrapping you've bought can be recycled. We've also got a great range of sustainable tech products where you can grab the latest gadgets for a fraction of the price and help the planet at the same time!


We know it can happen easily, but how many Christmases have you had where you have bought too much food and lots have ended up going to waste? One of the best things you can do is try to cut your food waste down by planning ahead, think about how much you actually need, and make sure to use up any leftovers! Think about a nice turkey pie or turkey curry on Boxing Day. You should also make an effort to source more local produce as it's more sustainable than food that has been shipped to the UK. Of course, you could always donate any leftover food to a neighbour or a local food bank to prevent it going to waste, and helping someone else at the same time!

Christmas Decorations

We're not saying you shouldn't decorate your house with amazing decorations, of course you still should, but we've got some more sustainable ways of sprucing your home up for the festive period! Most Christmas crackers are not usually recyclable, so it's a good idea to look out for DIY crackers or check the back of the box to see if they can be recycled. It could be great fun for the whole family to make their own, and fill them with all sorts of treats and festive jokes! Also, try to avoid napkins and tablecloths that you dispose of after one use, and instead look for material ones, which can be washed and used again. It's also a good idea to use LED lights on your Christmas tree as they use less energy, making it cheaper for you! We have a great range of LED Christmas lights including these app controlled Christmas tree lights and these LED multi-coloured Christmas lights! You could also make your own decorations, like a pretty snowflake chain and hang those around the house. Remember to dispose of your real Christmas tree after, and it's recommended to keep artificial trees for at least 10 years!

Getting Out This Christmas

If you're heading out to a party this festive season, try to choose the sustainable option and wear clothing that you already own! Can't find anything that fits the dress code? Ask a family member or friend if they can lend you something. Christmas, especially Christmas Day, is the perfect opportunity to get outside amongst nature and enjoy a walk after your delicious Christmas dinner!