Summer Inflatables

Whether you love a bouncy castle or want to take a dip in a blow up pool, we have a whole host of summer inflatables which will float your boat this year! Read on for our best picks of summer inflatables which will blow you away…

They may not be just like that pool from the all-inclusive resort on your Pinterest, but they’ll absolutely be the star of the show!

Picture this: you, gracefully dipping into the pool in your new swimsuit, your biggest worry being whether you’ll be sharing the space with a stray ladybug - sounds like bliss…

And let's not forget the setup - no engineering degree required, just a trusty air pump and a can-do attitude!

Who doesn’t want to feel like a melting ice-lolly while you’re splashing away in your own back garden? Seems like the only appropriate way to spend summer to us.

Ditch the occasional water fights with buckets and dive into our selection!

Who says the splash must be civilised?

If going with the flow has your setup in the garden, you should start planning the most epic pool party of the summer! – you can even invite the neighbours that are constantly peering over anyway.

Complete your pool with cosy inflatable hammocks and funky floats that’ll look just like you’re riding a whale on the coast – whoever calls it AI is a hater.

There are even inflatable games to add to the itinerary so there’s no reason for you to leave the deep blue sea in your garden – unless you hear the sweet tune of the ice cream van only!

Soak up the sun in style without remortgaging the house to fly the whole family out – Miami beach has got nothing on you!

Inflatable bounce houses: the ultimate outdoor palaces for the young and young at heart!

With the long summer days, the kids must get tired out somehow, and endlessly bouncing around is the perfect solution – you can bounce too when there’s space.

They’ll be soaring through the air, flying like birds, and pretending to be the world’s next best gymnast! – it’s a possibility if you let them stay up past bedtime to practice!

Don't resist the temptation either and embrace your inner child and bounce away your cares! Just remember to stretch beforehand - those unexpected flips can be a real test of flexibility!

A dash of fun and a sprinkle of excitement is a recipe for summer success!

Last year’s selection is out - turn your lawn into a water wonderland! Who needs boring old sprinklers when a splash-tastic upgrade is at your fingertips?

Whether it’s a unicorn or a rainbow, these colourful creatures will give you a new outlook for the summer, drenched in positivity!

Just imagine the looks on the kids' faces as they dart and dodge through the refreshing sprays, innocently ignoring the neighbours who seemingly hate noise. And who says the fun's just for kids?

Grab your swimsuit and prepare for a wet and wild adventure in your very own garden oasis!

There’s no limit to the fun when its sunny – go big because you’re at home!

Garden movie nights are a guaranteed win, but what if we told you about the inflatable projector screen? – 4D who…

No need to uncomfortably squeeze into cinema seats with nowhere to stretch your legs, or our personal favourite – turning to see someone else’s toes next to your head.

Host picture-perfect summer nights under the stars, with free popcorn refills and pausing for the loo without missing the best part!

And when the credits roll, why not switch gears and dive headfirst into a game of inflatable whack-a-mole? It's like the classic arcade game, but with a bouncy twist!