Summer Flowers

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, and we're here to show you some beautiful summer flowers to have in your garden! To see all of our summer flower deals and for more information, scroll down.

Summer Flowering Bulbs

If you want some beautiful flowers that will bloom all summer long, then summer flowering bulbs are exactly what you need! With our amazing deal on this summer flowering bulb collection you can get up to 900 bulbs that will produce some gorgeous flowers all in different shapes and colours. Imagine relaxing in the sunshine surrounded by lovely flowers, sounds blooming great to us!

Summer Flowering Perennials

Perennials make absolutely beautiful garden plants, and in the lovely sunshine, they'll truly sparkle! These type of plants are known for their bright colourful flowers and interesting leaves. We've got a great deal on this summer flowering perennial collection where you'll get six plants featuring three different varieties! You can create some eye-catching displays in your garden this summer with this stunning collection. Wake up and smell the perennials!

What Flowers Are Most Popular In The Summer?

We have many beautiful flowers for you to choose from to plant in your gardens ready for summer, but if you're after the most popular summer flowers, then we might know of one or two! Zinnias add a beautiful touch with their oranges, yellows, reds and whites plus many other colours to suit any gardener's tastes. Then we've got dahlias which grow into huge flowers and would make a brilliant centerpiece in your garden! Finally, we must mention daisies which will give your garden a golden glow all summer long!

When Should I Plant Summer Flowers?

The best time to plant your summer flowers is in the spring. Make sure that you wait a few weeks after the lost frost and until the ground is dry and no longer damp before you go ahead and plant your flowers. This is usually around the end of March or the beginning of April. You can look forward to beautiful budding flowers growing in the sunshine just a few months after you plant them!

How Do You Look After Summer Flowers?

Plants and flowers can be tricky to look after during hot weather, especially if we're experiencing a heatwave, but luckily for you we've got some great tips on how to help your flowers and plants thrive in the hot weather! The first thing you must do is water your plants regularly and deeply from the roots, or they will wilt and dry out in the sun. Wait for a cooler period before you do certain things like pruning or re-potting plants as you don't want to disturb them too much during the intense heat. Make sure to feed them every 10-14 days to encourage them to continue flowering, and also keep an eye on them!

How Do I Plant Summer Bulbs?

Planting summer bulbs may sound daunting, but it's not as hard as you might think, let us talk you through it! First, you'll need to start off by digging a hole that is wide and deep enough to plant all of your bulbs in. Then, you simply push the bulbs into the holes, but be careful not to push too hard or you could break them! Once you've pushed them in, cover them over with soil and firmly press down, and you're done. Well, don't forget to water them, then you're done!

Do Summer Bulbs Come Back Every Year?

Perennial bulbs will definitely come back year after year, and they will do this for up to five years before they disappear. Most bulbs are perennials so you can expect the majority of your plants to come back each year, but there will be some that won't return year after year, depending on the type of bulb they are and what environment they're in!