Strawberry Plants

We're berry excited to be telling you all about strawberry plants! See below for our deals on strawberry plants and for more information.

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Hanging Strawberry Plants

We've skipped telling you what a strawberry plant is because we're sure you don't need us to tell you! If you're unsure though, a strawberry plant is where those delicious berries grow and come from. We've got a great range of strawberry plants available here at Wowcher including Mount Everest strawberry plants which will give you medium sized extremely juicy strawberries. These climbing plants can be put along the wall or a climbing frame and could eventually reach heights of 1m! This plant would also look great hanging out of a window box, where you can get fresh berries everyday!

Colossus Strawberry Plants

Our colossus strawberry plants will produce some big strawberries, which typically weigh more 40g! So, if you're a big fan of strawberries then this could be the plant for you. Strawberry plants are a great option if you're looking to grow fruit yourself at home, and it's also a good activity to get the kids involved with! You can choose from 6 or 12 plants, which will fruit in the summer so you can get cracking on making some yummy fruit salads.

Strawberry Snow White Plant

If you thought strawberries were all red, think again! As we've got a strawberry snow white plant which produces white strawberries otherwise known as 'pineberry'. Don't be fooled though as it's said to actually taste like a pineapple and not a strawberry! This is a great idea to try something a little bit different, and they're relatively easy to grow, and will fruit in the summer just like regular strawberries. You can bring something new to the table this year!

Strawberry Support Frame

If you need a helping hand with growing your strawberry plants then allow us to help you with our strawberry support frame! The support frame will allow your plant to be slightly elevated from the ground and the idea is that it helps it to stop rotting and getting diseases. Your fruits as well as the leaves will be raised off the ground, meaning you'll have great tasting berries in no time! Now, if you like the sound of everything you've heard about strawberry plants so far, then take a look at our strawberry plants FAQs below.

Strawberry Plants FAQs

What Do I Do With My Strawberry Plants At The End Of The Season?

If you're reading this section it means summer is coming to an end, which makes us sad, but we're here to let you know what to do with your strawberry plants when that time comes! First, there will be straw that has spread underneath your plant, which you should dispose of or pests will hide there and destroy your plant. Make sure you tidy your strawberry plant by removing any dead or damaged leaves so that it remains healthy and allowing new leaves to grow in their place for the upcoming winter season.

What Do You Feed Strawberry Plants?

Of course you want your strawberry plants to be a success, and we're here to make sure that they will be! You will need to feed and water your strawberry plants regularly to ensure that they grow the bright beautiful berries that you're looking forward to. Around spring time is when you really want to be encouraging your plants to grow, which you can do by feeding them tomato feed, just make sure you follow the instructions on the packet for frequency and amount! You should also wash your plants regularly, particularly in hot weather so they don't develop any spots of mould on them.

How To Look After Strawberry Plants

One of the main things to ensure you do with strawberry plants is to make sure you water them well. They need watering regularly and even more so in hot weather so that they don't dry out. You will know when to water the plants by checking the soil, once the top is dry, you can go ahead and water the plant. Try to keep the leaves and fruit dry as it can lead to disease. Only remove the fruits from the plant when they're bright red in colour. It's also a good idea to replace your strawberry plants every few years by planting new ones, and lucky for you we've got a wide range here at Wowcher including our strawberry skyline plants and our strawberry cambridge plants!

Do Strawberry Plants Grow Back?

Your strawberry plants absolutely will grow back the next year as long as they're healthy! You can ensure your plants stay healthy by following the tips above, and we'll give you a quick reminder. Keep your plants healthy by checking the soil before you water them to see if they need watering. Once the season has finished, make sure you remove any straw from underneath the plant and also take care to remove any dead or damaged leaves so the plant stays free from disease and no pests can get onto it!

When Should I Plant A Strawberry Plant?

When you should plant a plant is generally up to you, but we would advise that you wait until spring and once all the frost has gone so your plant won't get damaged. This time tends to be in March or April. When the plants start to fruit depends on the variety, but usually they begin to fruit between June and September, so you can expect some tasty berries all summer long!

Where Is The Best Place To Plant Strawberry Plants?

It is up to you where you decide to plant your plants, but for certain plants they will thrive better in different areas, so allow us to guide you! Strawberry plants like the sun, so plant them in a spot that gets plenty of sunlight. If you can find a spot that has some good shade coverage in the afternoon that would be perfect to stop your plant from drying out. Also, make sure that the soil has space to drain the excess water away.