Steam Cleaner Deals

Time to get steamy up in here with our fantastic dirt vanquishing, money saving steam cleaner deals!

Steam Cleaners

In need of giving your carpet a deep clean? Do you want something more efficient for tackling your hard wood floors and tiled surfaces? Have no fear, steam cleaners are here! With so many great steam cleaner deals at amazing prices you'll find that perfect steam mop for your home right here. From carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning and steam ironing, we have the best steam mops at even better prices!

Handheld Steam Cleaners or Mops

A steam mop works much in the same way as a vacuum cleaner. You hold it upright and can manoeuvre it easily around corners. Instead of sucking up dirt and dust however, it uses a padded bottom to clean the floor. A handheld steam cleaner on the other hand is much easier to carry around and uses a nozzle to clean surfaces. It's great for cleaning smaller areas like bathrooms or tabletop surfaces in the kitchen.

What To Look For In A Steam Cleaner

One of the obvious things to look out for in a steam cleaner is the water capacity which will also dictate how long your cleaner can steam for. Larger capacities may take a little longer to heat up but they will steam for a long time, allowing you 20 minutes of cleaning time before you refill. Some cleaners also include scrubbing pads and brushes for tackling greasy ovens or upholstery tools for your furniture.