Small Garden Ideas: Space Saving, Storage and More

Small garden? No problem, because we've got big ideas! It's the perfect opportunity for creativity to reign supreme and discover new ways of decoration. Compact BBQs, tiered planters, hanging baskets - there's no need to compromise on lush designs with all the options we're about to spoil you with! Some thinking outside the box and with our help, you'll have the garden of your dreams in no time!

Storage Ideas

Limited space is no match for how much we care about your garden tools! From watering cans to forks and shovels, they deserve a special place outside of your heart too. So, say goodbye to throwing them into that miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen and browse our collection of garden storage. We're offering safe havens to keep your kit in the best shape so you can be the very best gardener that we know you are! You don't have to be adventurous with your choice, you can even keep it simple with a classic Garden Shed. We recommend you measure your space first just so we don’t get your hopes up, but with dimensions of 74cm L x 43cm W x 88cm H, it'll hopefully fit perfectly snug into your backyard! There's plenty of room for your favourite shears with a 2-tier design and a hinged roof to give your gardening kit a little TLC! Making the most of your space is just as important to us as it is to you, and we promise there's a selection of multifunctional accessories that have your name on it. You won't have to prioritise your planting and put off that dream of growing a vegetable patch any longer because this Raised Bed Planter with Shelf is waiting just for you! Two great features for the price of one, it was meant to be! Give your flowers room to thrive on one side, and your veggies the chance to show you what they’re made of while you keep your tools close by. There's no need to compromise on those beloved gardening kits now when these deals can solve all your problems!

Compact Planters

In the petite world of small gardens, planters are a gardener's best friend so let us do some matchmaking! Whether you like simplicity, uniqueness or functionality, we've covered every corner so let’s start with our 5-Tier Vertical Raised Planter. Let's be real, you don't want to minimise your planting and we want to see you and your seeds thrive, so this feels like a perfect match! Space-saving with ample storage and a strong design will support your veggies, plants and flowers like no other! For our eccentric gardeners, we know you want to utilise the space with proper due diligence, so don't waste time on measly furniture! We advise you get the neighbors permission before you install but check out this amazing Vintage Garden Fence Planter. Your plants could do with some uplifting and we think this'll make a perfect home and speed up the blossoming! No matter how much space you've got to work with, it's simply about giving your nature the treatment it deserves! Gardening takes dedication and utmost love and if you feel like both you and the plants could use a break, maybe multifunctional accessories are the one for you. Give your plants room to breathe and allow yourself to drink some water once in a while too, but don’t subject yourself to relaxing on that makeshift brick chair! Look at our Wooden Garden Planter and Bench instead. A dream come true for any gardener and apparently, we're the genie. Nurture your flowers the right way and accompany them as they grow with your love and care!

Cosy Furniture

Frankly, that old camping chair just won't do it and it's making your flowers frown too! For all the hard work you do, you deserve the chance to admire the blood, sweat, tears and seeds that you poured into your landscape. It's time to give your little garden the upgrade it deserves, and we've got the greatest options! There will be no more awkward standing and leaning on that shaky fence when we've got cute furniture like this 3-Piece Black String Bistro Furniture Set! A couple of cosy egg moon chairs and a lush coffee table can transform your space into a natural haven and besides, three's a crowd anyway! Stargazing on that old box feels so real we get it, but maybe you could ditch it for cosy pieces that are a tad more stylish? We can even make those outdoor chit chats more comfortable with a traditional bench. Doesn't the idea of relaxing with a friend and gossiping over the daises sound like the best thing ever? You could get the neighbourhood tea on a Loveseat Garden Bench! Simplicity meets elegance with this bench making it the perfect addition to your beautiful garden. Gossiping, stargazing, watching your plants bloom – this it the only must-have. Or how about this Folding Garden Adirondack Chair? With a built-in cup holder and four cute colours, a staple classic like this deserves a space in that garden! Don't sit on your hands too long and miss the chance to really explore new avenues to decorate your garden and call it home!

Garden Lighting

Done some repotting recently, trimmed the hedges or grown some new veggies that are getting overlooked? No matter the size of your home-grown landscape, we want to make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves! All the cute decorations and love you've poured in don’t go unnoticed and your neighbours definitely want to take a sneak peek at the competition (or inspiration). That measly kitchen light just won't cut it anymore and it doesn't do those beautiful plants any justice. This is where we come in! Your eco-friendly knight in shining armor to cast some true light onto your masterpiece of a garden. From quirky animal lights to traditional bulbs, we've got plenty of choices to illuminate your backyard! You're working with limited space but you're also working with geniuses who can show you these Solar Outdoor Garden Light Sets…. They're simple but we promise they'll get the job done. Perfect for sticking onto your fence or garden walls, they'll subtly brighten up the space and revive the shadows!

For our peeps who are lowkey afraid of the dark, a little lighting can go a long way. You won't have to be scared of running to the bins at night or fear the potential wolves that you think will pop out from nowhere. You can even say goodbye to being scared when you hear a cricket when you're just trying to enjoy a bedtime cuppa under the stars! We want you to feel just as at home in your garden as you do inside the house, so why not check out these Solar Powered LED Garden Flame Lights? Designed to mimic the flickering glow of a real flame, these will keep you company on those midnight stargazing sessions and bring back your fearless nature! If that still doesn't comfort you enough, you can always go an extra mile and invest in some multifunctional lighting… We're thinking something like a High Powered LED Motion Sensor Solar Security Wall Light? Choose a handy place and enjoy the reassuring safety as well as the change to finally enjoy a well-lit dainty garden!

Mini Ornaments

Your patch of grass gets to look pretty too and we're here to help! If your garden's been lacking some personality or flair, don't worry because there are plenty of ways to spruce it up. A couple of artificial plants could do the trick, or how about a browse through our ornaments collection? A little family of ducklings would fit perfectly into your little garden and make it feel like home again. There's no need to go all out because we promise less can still be more. All it takes is one seed of decoration for your garden to blossom back to life!

Your morning coffees in the garden don't have to be so lonely either! We've got Metal Frog Garden Ornaments that'll sip from their own cup right by your side. With a couple of cute colour options, you get to decide which one will suit best, or you can opt for the duo set and have a real mini garden brunch! Two of nature's very own coming together to admire the beauty of your garden sounds like a dream to us! If you really want to make the potential of your space soar, our Colourful Garden Butterfly Sets will speak to your heart! Dot them around your favorite plant pots or give them their very home in your garden for a touch of magic. Small garden or not, there's plenty of room for magic!

Fire Pits

How does a cosy oasis in your own garden sound? Warm fires, hot cocoa, stars and great company? Sounds like a recipe for bliss and we've got the ingredients! Smaller landscapes don't need to lack love and warmth just because you're lacking an acre or so. Instead, it's the perfect opportunity to get creative and invest in pieces that'll transform your garden for seasons to come! Whether it's mini lanterns, or the glow of your candles from the kitchen, a little warmth can go a long way. That's why we think a small firepit could change the game for you. Subtle flames that radiate great energy into your space is a promising fantasy and we feel a Outdoor Smokeless Firepit Heater could do the trick. It's the perfect size for a snug fit in an empty spot of your garden, and the smokeless nature supports the relaxing essence of your garden! You can enjoy cosy nights with your loved ones winter through summer as you light up the night in your own way.

Quirky gardeners get ready because your firepits don't have to be minimalistic, they should be loud and eccentric to enhance your garden! Create a welcoming vibe with some unique rustic charm for your own DIY (and safe) campfires. A Globe Firepit with Waterproof Cover could initiate the transformation of a lifetime! Flickering flames, intimate retreats and warm tranquillity is all that a firepit like this offers. It sounds too good to pass up because it is! You'll enjoy the ultimate experiences huddled around it as you tell your neighbourhood ghost stories and exchange gardening tips with your loved ones! All that matters is that you have a fresh landscape to build on, and we think you should fill it with radiance, relaxation and style!