5 Small Bathroom Ideas for Compact Spaces

There's always room to decorate, it just depends on what your aim is!

A small bathroom has potential to be the fanciest room in the house, but we'd suggest a less-is-more approach. Having a keen eye for decorative bits is wonderful, but maybe don't drown your bathroom in ornaments - and risk one of them getting flushed!

There are still plenty of different avenues to maximise the space and have your design looking squeaky clean.

Below are some suggestions to give you a head start. We might shower you in great ideas, but there's no pressure...

The most important bathroom essentials are your toiletries, and they need a safe space of their own.

If you're struggling to maximise your space, it's a good idea to use multifunctional accessories that slide right into your bathroom.

Adding in storage that doubles up as another useful accessory will make it easier to grab your favourite shampoos without spillage or protect your skincare from falling down the loo!

Needing to move extra carefully each time you use the bathroom isn't fun, so if you branch out on your accessory choice, you may be able to give yourself some room to roam around and reach that product without disaster.

We've added a couple ideas to get the ball rolling.

Nobody wants to compromise on those toiletries and accessories that they love so much. The solution is convenient storage!

It can be tricky to store all your bathroom belongings without the space feeling cluttered, so finding the perfect fix is a must.

Incorporating hanging bag storage organisers can transform the space and give you the ideal setup to grab a lotion or sunscreen without any hassle.

The fuss of knocking down toiletry bottles like bowling pins never gets any easier, but with our storage solutions, the nightmare can be over. Small bathrooms are no match for the innovative ways you can keep your skincare and products safe and sound!

Here are some ideas to that you might like...

No matter how small your bathroom is, there'll always be space for a mirror to check yourself out - or pluck an eyebrow!

For a small bathroom, a huge mirror is a no go, but a compact mirror can get the job done just as good as any.

Using foldaway or multifunctional mirrors can help you to double check that you did in fact wake up this gorgeous! There's nothing wrong with wanting to make sure you're leaving the house as perfect as usual.

Opting for the reflection in a steamy window or using your phone camera is old news. Your petite bathroom deserves to be kitted out just like the rest and you don't need to miss out on those essential accessories!

We're sure there's a mirror to fit your bathroom if you have a look below.

The size of your bathroom can't stop you from bathing in style and luxury, and we won't let it.

Who needs bathtubs and bubbles when you've got a shower that can mimic the serenity of a gentle rainforest!

Investing in a fabulous showerhead can give your bathroom the charm it needs by making up for the lack of space. It's about the little things, and this upgrade can shower you in bliss!

Tiny bathrooms and a slow stream of water don't always have to go hand in hand. You've got the option to compensate by adding some simple luxury to the space. Say goodbye to momentarily shivering because you need to rinse your hair!

Start the transformation of your bathroom with the options below...

No matter what size bathroom you're working with, cosy is key and nobody wants to get out of the shower to greet a towel full of fluff.

If the space is keeping you on edge, try adding small additions to make the experience a tad cosier, such as ultra soft towels!

Whether it's a body towel or floor mat, there's no better feeling than soft materials that give an instant feel of relaxation and rejuvenation. We can agree that sinking into cosiness can uplift your spirit!

So, give your bathroom a chance to become a haven for refreshing experiences by adding lush towels and making the small things count. Your bathroom can be whatever you choose to make it.

Let us help you add some comfort into your space!