Silver Jewellery

It's time to impress with our range of silver jewellery. We'll have you covered with earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more, you'll be sparkling for miles!

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Silver Necklaces

Get ready to sparkle with our amazing range of silver necklaces! We have some gorgeous chains and pendants that will great additions to any outfit, and will not clash with anything. Plus, we also have personalised necklaces if you're looking for something with your name on! From silver love necklace to a sterling silver friendship necklace and a sterling silver pearl necklace you're bound to find the one for you!

Silver Rings

We've got a great range of silver rings right here at Wowcher for you to get your hands on, literally! Whether you like classic silver bands, stacking rings or a different fancy design, we'll have a ring to suit your tastes. From this open crystal ring to this silver infinity band ring and our stacked leaf silver ring shop our silver rings now!

Silver Earrings

If you're after some gorgeous new silver earrings then you're in the right place! Silver is a great material for earrings as it's hypoallergenic, so it won't irritate sensitive ears and you're less likely to have an allergic reaction to the metal. We have a great range of silver earrings waiting for you including our sterling silver earrings or our sterling silver pearl earrings or our sterling silver stud earrings so shop our silver earrings deals now!

Silver Bracelets

We thought we couldn't love silver bracelets anymore until we heard that they're actually good for you to wear! It has been reported that silver bracelets can actually improve your energy levels and mood as natural properties offset outside disturbances, which sounds great to us! You can check out our great deals on silver bracelets now including our sterling silver bracelet or our silver infinity charm bracelet or our crystal leaf silver bracelet so shop our full range above now!

How To Clean Silver Jewellery

You can easily clean your silver jewellery at home to make it nice and shiny and sparkly again, and we're here to tell you how! All you need is vinegar, water and some baking soda. Start by mixing half of a cup of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl or pot of warm water. Let the jewellery soak for two to three hours before you remove it from the water. That's it, it's that easy!

Does Silver Make Good Jewellery?

The short answer is, yes! Silver is a great metal used for making jewellery, and here's a few reasons why:

  • Silver is an attractive and precious metal.
  • Silver has a good level of durability, it's actually even stronger than gold!
  • Silver is lightweight, so it won't be a burden on you if you're wearing it all day everyday.
  • Silver is a soft metal, which can be shaped into different styles and sizes, making it perfect for jewellery making.