Shoes, Sliders and Sandals

There’s nothing like having your toes out and finally having a reason to refresh that pedicure! With the warm weather thankfully making an appearance, we don’t want your poor feet suffering in hot shoes – we also don’t want our poor noses suffering the consequences… Have a browse and find the perfect pair – or three – that’ll pave the way for a stylishly fun summer!

Don’t let your current footwear collection de-feet you! To walk miles for that perfect picnic spot, you must be prepared! From strappy gladiators that evoke warrior princess vibes to crisscross cuties that scream beach bum chic, there's a Cinderella fit for everyone! What better way to spend the long days strolling down the pier in a vibrant sandal, adorned with enough rhinestones to rival a disco ball. Perhaps you’re a garden lounger and your dream is to flaunt sunny yellow wedges like Sharpay in her iconic summer scene! Don’t forget to proudly share where you found the perfect pair either – we know others will be dying to know!

You had the plan, you just needed the platform! Just imagine sauntering through the city streets in sky-high cork platforms, commanding attention like a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw - only this time you won’t need to rent the pairs, because we’ve already secured you a bargain! Brunching with friends just got a lot more chic too - walk the walk and talk the talk into extra bubbles on the house and maybe fabulous reservations on your next visit! – save us a seat too please… Those passersby’s can only begin to imagine what it’ll be like to spend a day in your shoes - quite literally because they’ll be falling at your feet to get the details! You won’t just walking; you’ll be strutting on cloud nine, while toeing the line on fashionable genius.

You’ll be the one that walks 500 miles just to show off your new shoes! Summer is for sashaying into a garden party in trendy pumps, the kind that make you feel like you've stepped straight out of a vintage Hollywood film - graceful, elegant, and just a tad overdressed for the occasion. Or maybe the first thing on your agenda is to frolic through fields of flowers with the agility of a gazelle and the fashion sense of a woodland fairy! Whether you're strutting around, or you need stylish convenience to finally win at the annual rounders game, every step will be a testament to your impeccable taste – with our help of course! Your summer shoes aren’t only made for walking, they’re for securing the title of best-dressed!

Finally going barefoot on the grass is a British luxury – don’t let laces get in your way! The stars of simplicity, you could be lounging by the pool in laid-back sliders, the kind that scream I'm on vacation louder than your out-of-office auto-reply – those days off are well-deserved. In the trendiest way, declare to the world that comfort reigns supreme in your world because lining your sandals with plasters simply isn’t your portion! With the carefree flip flop, you’ll be constantly reminded to embrace the slow life and relax – because one should not attempt to run around in a flip flop, we learnt the hard way… Restore your carefree spirit and give your toes a break from being squished together by your work shoes!