Six Shoe Storage Ideas for the Organised Home

Are you about keeping your footwear organised? Put your best foot forward and check out some of our best shoe storage solutions.

Whether you need travel-friendly shoe storage for a couple of pairs or you're looking for a family-sized shoe storage solution then our handy list should provide you with plenty of ideas.

Are you struggling for storage space? Look no further than our slimline shoe storage solutions.

We know that not everyone has sumptuously large entrance halls and masses of available storage space! Check out these compact yet sturdy shoe racks that utilise even the smallest space in your home. Slimline shoe storage is ideal for those narrow and cramped hallways crying out for a practical purpose.

Looked under your bed recently? Can't see for all the dust that's collected?

Utilise all available space in your home by storing your footwear here! Our underbed storage solutions keep shoes dust-free and organised. With transparent covers and sturdy dividers these underbed storage boxes are the perfect solution to de-cluttering footwear.

Not everyone wants their shoes on display. You might prefer to have them safely tucked away out of sight but still easily accessible.

Shoe cabinets are the perfect combination of form and function. They can seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture style whilst being entirely practical and highly organised. They are also one of the storage solutions that can sit in any room in the house. With their simple, yet stylish, designs and spacious interiors they will meet all your shoe storage needs.

Are the kids kicking their shoes off as soon as they come through the door? Does your other half dump them in the hallway after a hard day at work?

Whatever the reason, we're all aware of the hallway frenzy that occurs when the shoes come off! The hallway is a heavily-used area in all homes and getting this space organised is essential. Multi-purpose hallway storage is fantastic if you want to keep this space neat and tidy. Shoes, coats, hats, scarves and bags can all be stored tidily and conveniently for everyday use.


Tired of bending down to put on your footwear? Having a handy bench on which to sit and pull on your favourite pair of shoes is an asset to any home.

These freestanding shoe benches are a handy solution and a stylish addition to any home. They are multi-functional pieces which can include drawers, shelves and baskets. With padded seats they also deliver on comfort and add a cosy vibe to those hallways that can seem cold and unwelcoming.

If you're planning a short break, travelling for work or just going to the gym, then travel-friendly shoe storage might come in handy.

There are plenty of sleek solutions available and specifically crafted for your footwear. User-friendly design, easy open and close mechanisms and sturdy handles are essential to ensure your footwear stays safe and dry on any journey.