Robot Vacuum Cleaners & Mops

The robots are here at Wowcher! Whether it's dust, debris or pet hair that plagues your home, you can rely on our range of robot vacuum cleaners and mops to tackle the issue. They have futuristic designs and can automatically navigate through any living space, hoovering up any dirt and keeping your home wonderfully clean and spotless.

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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mops

When it comes to selecting a robot vacuum, the sheer amount of choice can be a tad overwhelming. But if intelligence, large capacity and strong longevity is what you're after in a robot vacuum cleaner, then look no further than this sleek design that is available in black or white. It operates in a multitude of directions (including tricky slopes and through obstacles), can operate for over 1-hour on a full charge and features a slim body, so that it can enter and exit the narrowest of gaps in your home. Or there's this Robot Sweeper and Steam Mop, which will give a swift clean that your home won't soon forget! Featuring a high-speed rotating mechanism and a spray function to sanitise multiple types of surfaces, this little cleaner is available in multiple colours and is a stylish and efficient gadget for your home.