Ring Lights

Whether for photography, make-up, or just better selfies, ring lights will make it better. Grab yourself one at a great price, from LED ring lights to ring lights with a stand and phone holder.

LED Ring Light & Stand | Selfie Ring Light | Portable Selfie Ring Light | Flexible Ring Light & Phone Holder


What are ring lights good for?

Ring lights are great tools that serve different purposes. Distributing light evenly on the subject they're pointed to, they emphasize details and hide imperfections - this makes them perfect for photography, make-up, and video recording! Although they help create a professional look, they're not just for professionals, and have actually proved awesome for something that's become kind of an art, taking selfies! There are many types available, from standard LED ring lights to portable and flexible ones including stands and phone holders. Plus, they're easy to use, inexpensive and here on Wowcher! Grab one and you'll see the difference!

Where should you position a ring light?

The position of your ring light will change its effects, so let's see how to do it best! To give yourselves the benefits we've talked about - emphasizing details and hiding imperfections - you'll want to position the ring light directly in front of your or the subject's face. Placing it above or below will give you shadows that won't make you look great! Also, keep your lights fairly close and experiment with distances to find the ideal range. Once you've got it, try to keep the subject in the centre of the ring light - illuminating evenly is key to get that special touch you're looking for.

10-inch LED Ring Light

Enhance your favourite activities with a 10-inch LED ring light! You'll give yourself that extra illumination capable of making all things beautiful. Including a tripod stand to ensure a sturdy use, this ring light features three lamp modes and nine levels of brightness - it'll be perfectly adjustable for any occasion! Of course, a gooseneck clamp is there for you to make the most of it with your mobile device too, and since it's USB chargeable you can just plug this LED ring light in your computer and you're good to go again.

Selfie Ring Light

If you want to step up your selfie game, this is the tool for you! A selfie ring light will provide enough illumination to highlight the details of your face, even when outside and after dark or in a dimly lit room. The selfie ring lights we have on offer present practical designs for easy transport and storage, whether with a foldable stand or an adjustable mini tripod. They include a clip to keep your phone in place, and you'll be able to choose what suits you best from three light colours! Say bye to looking dull, shadowy or grainy!

6-inch Flexible Ring Light with Phone Holder

A 6-inch flexible ring light is perfect for vlogging, selfies, and videos, giving you that professional look while sitting comfortably at your desk at home. The design includes two flexible arms, one for the ring light and the other for your phone, so that you can easily adapt them to your needs! A table clip means you can move the ring light around, attach it anywhere you like and make use of its three LED light modes - soft, white and warm! It sounds like the perfect gift for that creative loved one who loves to film and vlog, or yes, for yourself!