Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Step into summer looking like a million dollars with Wowcher's range of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Whether it's Aviators, Wayfarers, round or hexagonal sunglasses you're after - we're bound to have a deal for you.

Popular Ray-Ban styles


Founded in 1937 and originally created to aid pilots during flying, aviator sunglasses quickly launched into public domain and have been a popular, and stylish choice for many. When we think of Ray-Bans, a lot of us picture the brand's trademark Aviators. We have a range of Ray-Ban Aviators in a variety styles and colours.


Known as the most recognisable style in the history of sunglasses is the famous Wayferer. The sunglasses rapidly gained popularity amongst celebrities and famous musicians, and its no surprise why! Ray Bans sell a record amount of these bad boys each year in a range of different shapes: oval, round or even oblong.

How to Tell if Ray Bans Are Real?

Keen to get your hands on a pair of these stylish sunnies? Don't fall into any pitfalls and ensure your Ray Bans are 100% genuine. Ways to do this are to check for the official "RB" etched onto the far-left side of the left lens, and "Ray Ban" written in white on the opposite top corner. The etch should also be crisp, and not look as if it has been painted on. Rest assured, all of the Ray-Ban sunglasses featured on the Wowcher website are genuine and real.

Are Ray Bans Worth the Money?

Ray Bans emerged back in the 1930s, and have lead the way for sunglasses for so many years, they're the official go-to eyewear brand for many of us. So, are they worth it? For starters, all Ray Bans offer UV protection in their lenses, and all of their frames are made of durable, high-quality material. Not only are these sunnies great quality, but they're incredibly stylish. Coming in a range of coloured lenses, shapes and sizes to choose from, there's something to suit everyone.