6 Ideas for Quirky Home Decor

Incorporating quirky décor items into your home allows you to infuse it with personality and charm. Why shy away from adding a bit of you to your space! Here’s some ideas to get you feeling inspired…

Usually wall art consists of canvas paintings and family portraits, but this can become repetitive… Why not brighten up your space with a wall decal or a unique mirror? Both of these types of wall art will act as a statement piece, tying your room together! Wall art not only attracts attention but can be decided based on the theme or purpose of the room. For example, if you have an empty space above your drinks area, why not fill it with beer inspired art, to showcase your love! Wall art is the ideal option for decorating when you can’t afford to limit your floor space.

Statement furniture can come in all shapes and sizes and brings your unique character to your home! The right statement furniture can be hard to find, but look out for retro pieces, pops of colour and unconventional items that strike up conversations. To get you started, we’ve curated a list of furniture that’s sure to make a statement!

First things first, nothing stands out like an unsual sofa or loveseat. Keep an eye out for patchwork or unique textures as they’re in demand. Small items can also exude personality and charm and they don’t take much space, in fact they might create more space! Velvet furniture is a great way to spruce up your living space and add a touch of sophistication.

Already sorted out your sofas and chairs? Well why not add a unique coffee table that is sure to be the centre of attention? Coffee tables don’t just have to be functional, they can also match your asthetic whatever they may be! Often quirky items are small and decorative but who says they can’t be larger than life and functional!

Perhaps your house is already furnished so you can’t add any large furniture but you can still incorporate unusual and eye-catching patterns that are sure to be noticed! Accessorise your couch with a playfully colourful throw blanket, funky pillows or unique rug! Bring these items upstairs and add a touch of fun to your bedroom or office. Feeling floral? Add a subtle touch of some of your favourite floral patterns to your crockery and watch how your kitchen blooms! Your personal touch can exist anywhere in your home, there’s no limitations!

Now, it’s time to bring your interests to your house! Who says that your hobbies need to stay on your computer or a box, showcase them with pride! Many of us collect items such as postage stamps, bookmarks and coins, why not find a way to display them and give a piece of your heart to your home! Even better, why not take a personal interest and transform it into a décor item, making it a practical conversation starter.

What better way to brighten up your home with than with some statement lights that add charm and personality to your home. Gaming is ever-popular these days so why not buy a Minecraft-inspired lamp for your child’s bedroom, engaging them to play in their bedroom. Video games not your children’s passion, what about astrology? Invite the starriest of skies into your bedroom with a projection lamp that will have you starry-eyed! Lamps are a unique way to add personality to your space, but underestimate them!

Don’t leave your green thumb outside, display your love for plants inside your home too! The way to add a personal touch through plants is their pot… whether it’s an animal plant pot that sits leisurely on your bookshelf or a sweet resin pot that has been planted at your desk, bring life indoors with you! Trailing plants seem to be hanging out all over social media, why not invite them to your house? Hanging artificial potted plants are the way to add a pop of colour to your living space, without any real mess or responsibilities. You could even bring your favourite TV show and movie characters to your home décor, adding a touch of magic to your living space! Unusual plant pots is a unique way to add some playfulness to an otherwise classic home décor item, buy some today!