Plant Gifts

We've got plenty of plant gifts to tree-t your loved ones! Whether you're looking for unique indoor plants or pretty plant pots, you'll be soiled for choice!

You'll Love our Plant Gift Ideas

We've got plenty of plant gifts to make your friends and family feel jolly! From gorgeous indoor plants to spruce up their home, to radish-ing herb and vegetable growing kits that are perfect for plant novices. Plants really are the perfect gift to leaft anyone's spirit, so check out our plant gift ideas!

The Best Indoor Plants for Homes

Say aloe to my little friend! We have a fabulous selection of indoor houseplants that will make the ideal gift for nature lovers this festive season. Cut through the chaos at home with a calming peace lily, or snap up a unique Venus fly trap! If you're looking for a gift that doesn't succ, check out our hanging succulent collections. Or you can prick and choose between our spikey mini cactus plants!

Beautiful Outdoor Plants and Bulbs

Roses are red, violets are blue we have some blooming great offers on outdoor plants for you! From daffodils to hydrangeas, these beauties will make the perfect gifts for your green fingered family and friends. Why not transform their front lawn into a tropical oasis with a luscious palm tree? Or make their garden worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show with our collection of spring flowering bulbs! For a festive floral gift you won't want to flake on, some beautiful snowdrops would make a stunning addition to any winter garden.

Easy Herb and Vegetable Growing Kits

If you're looking for a gift that will really grow on your friends and family, they're sure to have a great thyme with these growing kits! Whether they want to try their hand at growing some radish-ing vegetables, or make a parsley at planting their own herb garden, these kits are great for gardeners with no prior experience. We also have some super hot deals on chilli growing kits to add a bit of heat and flavour to any kitchen!

Artificial Plants That Look Just Like the Real Thing

These artificial plants are real hidden stems! The perfect gift for someone who wants the beautiful ambiance of a houseplant, but doesn't have time to care for it. We have lots of realistic-looking fake fauna, from Dracaenas to Monsteras (otherwise known as the Swiss Cheese plant) and even artificial hanging garland plants that are great for sprucing up the garden for an outdoor party. Most important of all, with these plants you'll never have to worry about killing them seeing as they're not really alive!

Fabulous Flower Pots and Macrame Plant Hangers

We plant wait to show you these stunning flower pots and indoor plant hangers! If you're looking for a great gift for a friend who wants to brighten up their balcony, why not grab a metal hanging flower pot? Or if you want to liven up someone's living room, a stylish indoor plant pot would be the perfect addition to their home. Our beautiful range of macrame woven plant hangers won't hang around for long either!