Six Photo Wall Ideas to Make your House a Home

Why not create a statement wall in your home and showcase your precious memories. Photo walls work particularly well on staircases and in hallways and create a stunning talking point and moments to cherish. Seeing your toddlers cheeky face on the wall each morning when they are now a difficult teenager reminds you why you love them and will bring an inner smile every time you pass by!

Experiment with different backgrounds and frames and a mixture of photos, mirrors, paintings and prints to create a truly unique space that can be added to and reimagined regularly.

Whilst some walls have a theme, others are a mixture of photos that mean something to you and others in your home; consider adding an annual image of you and your partner or family or pets. Perhaps use a world map decal as a background and overlay pics of the places you have visited.

If you don’t already have some photos, you can get some photos here.

Canvas personalised prints in a variety of shapes and sizes can we used to great effect. Consider using a really large canvas at the centre of the wall to make a statement. A canvas created especially for the wall, such as the street sign one below, might help you get started.

Whilst mixing things up is interesting using the same size frame and replicating it across a wall can also be very effective. Another idea is to use the same frame in different colours or different frames but in the same colour. Also consider using black and white images or sepia throughout.

For something really unique why not frame and include some of your family’s own artwork. The frame below can be opened and closed allowing the image to be changed on a regular basis but regular frames can work just as well.

A mirror can make an interesting focal point to a photo wall and a set of smaller mirrors integrated into the space changes the way the light falls. It is also worth considering a light or a frame with a light particularly if the space is dark.

Consider sticking a background image onto a plain wall to make the photos really pop or painting or wallpapering the space.

Does the above all sound like too much hard work? Maybe opt for one super sized canvas with a single image or lots of smaller ones and get outside and create some new memories for your next wall.