Personalising Christmas 2023

Where did personalisation come from?

In the UK at least, we know that back in the Middle Ages craftsmen began to add their initials or a unique symbol to work to identify it as their own. This developed into monogramming, where initials are added to belongings in order to prove ownership. The Renaissance period was when we saw personalisation come into gifting through inscriptions on rings for weddings and engagements. Now, it's one of the most popular ways of gifting, and as demand increases, ideas become more sophisticated and creative, and with such a huge market online now, these items are much more accessible to many more people!

What's good about personalised gifts?

You can show that personal connection to the recipient and shows, indicating you know them very well and know exactly what they'll love! These gifts are great because the person can cherish them forever, and whenever they see the gift, it will make them think of you. Personalised gifts are also one of a kind, so you can guarantee that no one else has thought of the same thing as you!

Gifts You Can Personalise

You can personalise just about any gift! This way you don't have to trawl through the stands in shops looking for your name! We do a wide range of personalised gifts here at Wowcher, including personalised socks, personalised necklaces, personalised books, personalised water bottles and plenty more!

Decorations You Can Personalise

You can even personalise your very own Christmas decorations! Ever get your Christmas stocking or sack confused with someone else's in the family? We do personalised Christmas sacks where you can add your name and any other details you'd like printed on the front to make Christmas extra special! Don't forget about personalised Christmas baubles either to display proudly on your Christmas tree!

Can I make my own personalised gifts?

Of course! There's nothing stopping you jumping in and getting creative. Personalisation doesn't have to be just adding a name or an image to an item! You could easily make your own hamper full of treats that you know the recipient will love, and it'll be just as special due to the time and effort that you put into it!