Pearl Jewellery

Shop our gorgeous range of pearl jewellery below, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets! Scroll past our deals for more information on pearl jewellery.

Pearl Necklaces

A classic pearl necklace is a must-have if you ask us! Pearl necklaces make a great addition to any outfit and won't clash with anything either, the best of both worlds! You can shop our amazing range of pearl necklaces including our black freshwater pearl necklace set or our sterling silver pearl necklaces and our sunflower necklace with faux pearls so check out our deals above!

Pearl Rings

Pearl rings have an air of elegance to them and are a unique design. They will be a great accessory and addition to any outfit and are comfortable enough to wear all day every day! We have a great range of pearl rings ready for you including our gold and silver pearl ring! You can choose from 4 different sizes. It's perfect for treating yourself to something nice or for treating a loved one to a special gift!

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are an amazing finishing touch to complete any look, and we assure you that they won't clash with anything! Whether your prefer gold or silver to surround your pearls, we have some great deals on pearl earrings right here for you. From our sterling silver pearl earrings to our sterling silver tree branch pearl earrings and our crystal pearl drop earrings there's something for everyone!

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets are a pretty addition to any outfit and are a stylish choice for a piece of jewellery. You can choose from silver or gold to surround your pearls or you could get one of each! Shop our amazing deals on pearl bracelets from our freshwater pearl initial bracelet or black freshwater pearl bracelet and necklace set and our luxury pearl grey jewellery set and find the one for you today!

How To Clean Pearl Jewellery

If your pearls are looking a little dusty or stained, then we're here to help you make them sparkle again! The best way to clean your pearl jewellery is with a damp cloth only when needed. If your pearls are stained or grubby, create a mixture of warm water and soap. Then, dip a soft cleaning cloth in this solution and wipe your pearls. It's important that you do not submerge your pearl jewellery in water, as it does weaken the chains!