Parasol Bases & Covers

A garden parasol is the ultimate garden furniture accessory when it comes to spring and summer. That's why we're giving you all the information you need to know before making that much needed purchase.

Do I Need A Parasol Base & A Parasol Cover?

The answer to this question is yes, for safety reasons you must always use a parasol with a suitable base, regardless of whether it's being used through a table or parasol hole. A base will allow your parasol to stay in place, that way you can sit back and relax, without any worries of your expensive parasol flying off.

Do All Parasol Bases Fit All Parasols?

The correct base weight is essential when it comes to keeping your parasol stable, especially when you have a large parasol. However, smaller parasols with a pole of less than 42mm usually work well with 15kg bases.

What Size Parasol Cover Do I Need?

The size of your parasol will depend on how much of an area you want in the shade. For example, a table of six will work best with a 3.5 metre canopy, a table of four may work with a 3-3.3 metre canopy, and a table of two would work well with a two-metre canopy. So, It all just depends on the table size and how much you want to be in the shade.

Are Parasol Covers Waterproof?

Parasol covers are waterproof and can be placed outside all year round, and they can also withstand extreme temperatures, frost, snow, rain, and ultraviolet rays. Making them the perfect cover for your garden furniture. Not sure where to get a parasol or parasol cover from? Don't worry! At Wowcher we have a variety of stunning garden parasol covers for you to choose from for all of your summer garden furniture needs.