How to pamper your mum on Mother’s Day: A personalised guide 

Mother's Day is fast approaching and your mama deserves to feel like an absolute queen! With our handy guide, you'll be able to pamper the mother figure in your life, providing them with a moment of well-deserved relaxing bliss.

How do you plan something special for the woman that birthed you? No gift is gonna top the gift of life! Not only that, but she has also looked after you her whole life, cleaned up, bathed, did your washing, fed you and most probably had a full-time job, all at the same time. If you haven't already experienced it, then just imagine how stressful it could be and then imagine the best day ever where you just do nothing except breathe and relax. Wouldn't that be fabulous? In my experience, mums don't usually ask for much, they just want to spend time with their kids and enjoy being around them. I could totally be wrong because each mum is different and has their own things that they enjoy. Take advantage of that, you know her best! It's the one time in the year that is dedicated to this Super Woman (even though they deserve way more) so all we can do is at least try to give her the best day possible while you spend time together and treat her to a day of pampering.

Mother's Day, what to do?

There may be hundreds of things we could do to celebrate a special occasion, but why is it that there always seems to be more pressure when it's for your mum. You've known her your whole life, but it always feels so difficult, like, no matter what you do, it will somehow not be enough to make her realise how special she is. Is it just me? Do I just end up overthinking it all? If there are others in the same boat as me, do let me know, but also know that I am here to give you a hand with this headache-inducing day! Let's talk through a few things you can do for this special lady on her special day, from relaxed days in, to chilled afternoons out, from getting your nails done, to an active day filled with new experiences or a unique opportunity. Whether you've got a three-pound-sign budget or not, there are plenty of activities that could make her day special, and you're sure to find one that she'll absolutely adore. And with so many things you can do this Mother's Day, the main goal here is to make your mum feel like royalty. Don't forget that!

Mummy, mummy, mummy, she's a hunny

If you're looking to go all out for the woman who deserves the world, I don't blame you! I'd do the same for my mum. You may not have enough time to plan an entire holiday or a fancy cruise, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the holiday together. You could plan an afternoon tea at a stunning hotel, dinner at a fancy restaurant, or a day at your favourite spa- the full package with face masks, massages and mimosas! Or maybe a holiday or a weekend getaway somewhere; grab a couple bottles of wine, get out of the city and really get to know the woman who raised you as a friend, all while sippin' and chillin'. It sounds strange when you're young, but the older you get, you learn that she was once your age and got up to her own shenanigans, this is a chance to find out all her dirty little secrets! As an adult, you can have an actual chat with your mum on the same level as her, plus the breath of fresh, non-polluted air will do wonders for the soul. What better way to enjoy the day than a little city get-away or a 'glamping' weekend. We've got offers on site around the UK, in places like Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Wales and more! No matter where you want to go and celebrate with your mum, we've got the place for you; if you want a mini-BBQ, a hot tub or breakfast it can all be arranged at your chosen destination. Soak in the countryside, have some deep convos and make your mum feel extra special this Mother's Day. So, why not indulge a little and give her an unforgettable day (or weekend) by spoiling her.

Mamma, just need a tan

I'm doing the most with that heading, but if you know the song then you're the real Queen. I just try my best. Which is what you should be doing for your mum! Let me give you some ideas if you can't break the bank for the day and in this economy, fair enough. Pampering your mum doesn't have to be about how much you can or are willing to spend to show her that you care for her, it's about the effort you put in to spending time with her and the little things you do. You can simply plan an indoor, at-home spa day. First things first, you can either buy a DIY spa hamper or even better- make one yourself with towels, oils, nail polish, hair oils and masks and any little 'treat-yourself' item that you already own! Don't forget face masks, or if you don't have any you can make some at home with fresh, natural ingredients. My personal favourite is mashing avocados, yogurt, honey and (optional) oats together and applying it all over the face! This is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and the oats help to exfoliate the skin, it won't cost too much, and it'll get the job done! Throw in two slices of refrigerated cucumber for the eyes and keep the rest for a snack. You can go the extra mile and get a few extra bits to make the at-home spa the real deal; a bottle of bubbly will do the trick (and there are non-alcoholic options too), some scented candles and put on some relaxing background music and the ambiance is set. Give her a shoulder massage and get a bath ready for her to relax in to complete the 'experience' and I'm sure she'll feel good as new by the end of the day. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to make her feel special, so don't overthink it at all.

"Get in loser, we're going shopping"

Who doesn't love a girl's day out!? Mums probably don't get to feel like a girl that often, especially once responsibilities, children and work come into the picture; the selfcare kinda goes out of the window, which is such a shame! They're the ones who deserve it the most. Allow her to experience doing the things she once enjoyed in her youth, it's going to be a major throwback for her to relive her young days and it isn't something that happens frequently. For example, heading over to the local shopping mall, getting your hair done, going for mani-pedis - it may not seem like the biggest thing but that's because we've got the spare time to treat ourselves now! But this day is for the mums - allow her the chance to let her hair down! So, dress her up and drag her out of the house for a girl's day! Do everything that is reminiscent of what it was like being young and carefree; buy her a few new clothing items, or a perfume (my mum loves a new perfume and it's a smell I'll never forget), get your nails done together, maybe change up her hairstyle for a brand-new look. Give her the pampering she deserves! Amidst all that fun stuff, you can fill up the time by getting a few snacks to keep you energised throughout your trek around the shopping center, or some pretzels and fresh juice; you could even find a photobooth to take some funny photos as a keepsake! The options are endless, you just gotta have the right attitude and honestly, girls being girls is such a mood and good energy is the only energy that's allowed on Mother's Day! Give her the best time possible and really treat her out!

Work, work, work, work, work shops!

Okay, hear me out, a workshop isn't really work right? I think that's still pampering in a way, it's not the 'sit back and relax' kind but it's something out of the ordinary routine that's not so serious making it a relaxing experience. I may be trying too hard to justify this, but I stand by it! They can be super entertaining, especially if you either love the workshop or are super terrible at it! Imagine a sip and paint and one or neither of you can paint, or a pottery class but you've never used clay in your life! How insanely ridiculous does that sound to you? I'm always down for chaotic vibes and that sounds like it. Honestly, I'm selling the idea to myself at this point, plus isn't "laughter the best medicine" for mums on Mother's Day? And like a smart girl once said, "good energy is the only energy" (me, I'm the smart girl). Now, we've got great workshops like the ones I've already mentioned but there's one that I would love to try; Kintsugi. It's an ancient Japanese art form that puts broken pottery pieces together with gold, celebrating a beautiful philosophy- beauty in imperfections. This can be applied to life too, as we should embrace all the flaws and imperfections and see them from a new perspective. It's the perfect opportunity to try this specific workshop, it may not always have been smooth sailing with your mum, especially as you grew older and probably became a little bit annoying, but your mum had your back. Spending Mother's Day putting pieces together with gold feels like a right kind of Mother's Day activity, feels symbolic. Moving on from all the mushy stuff, you can even make jewellery together! Take it one step further and create matching rings with your mum or make one for each other - how cute would that be? The thing about these kinds of workshops is that you can take your creations home with you, not only do you spend the class together, but you've got an amazing memory to share as well as a keepsake that you can put on display - forever reminding you of a beautiful day with the most beautiful woman.

You're not you when you're hungry, get some fancy dins

Honestly, this one is an easy one: fancy lunch or dinner. You must have thought of that yourself. Give your mum the gift of not cooking for one evening, she doesn't have to make any decisions about what to make for the family; what ingredients to buy; the portions; the cleaning; nothing. No brains, just food and girls love food, and its a plus if your mum is a massive foodie too. This is a great chance to get the family together to celebrate her or have an intimate night just with your mum. Take the time to bond over a delicious meal, as appreciate the good food and incredible company. Sound familiar? This is basically date night, but with your mum and why the heck not? Dates should not be limited to a romantic setting; it's just a chance to spend time getting to know someone and why not get to know your mum? You can find some amazing Mother's Day set menus consisting of delicious courses in many restaurants around London, from high end places to restaurants with the 'boujee vibes' that don't hurt your wallet. The range of cuisines are endless too, if you want to be adventurous, head over to Kiln in Soho for some northern-Thai inspired flavours or splurge at The Ritz for some classic, old-school French delicacies or enjoy some live music at Meraki while you dig into some amazing Greek dishes at lunch - your day can't get any feta than this! All the locations mentioned are right in the middle of the city, meaning you can spend the day window shopping or going to some of the popular spots around London and pretend to be a tourist and if the weather is good (fingers crossed), you can find some rooftop bars and just enjoy the view with some sunshine. In the end, it's not about the money, just focus on finding the place your mum would love to dine at and give it a go! It'll be a blast regardless.

"But I don't wanna go out" - me all the time

I'm going to have to write a bibliography at the end, giving credit to myself for my fantastic quotes. But we've all been there, sometimes you just don't want to go out, my mum can be lazy sometimes too and it just depends on the day and the mood and the weather, especailly in London! Oh my god, if it's raining, you bet your bootyful behind that I'm going to use that as an excuse to stay home. If it, and I do hope it doesn't, rain on Mother's Day then plans got to change ASAP. If you're living with your mum, this just makes for a cheaper hang-out sesh as well, but if you're all grown up and moved out, head on over to hers and treat her to some of your cooking - maybe something she used to make for you when you were young or even learn one of those nostalgic recipes from her! You obviously wouldn't want to spend the entire day in the kitchen, so grab some snacks and marathon some of your favourite movies together, take a trip down memory lane and flip through some old albums and home videos and maybe even recreate some of them - that started trending a while back, take a stroll through your nearest park in the afternoon and get lost in conversation, take a hundred photos with her (mine loves posting new family pictures on Facebook). Relax in the comfort of your home instead and make some unforgettable memories in the home you may have grown up. It's going to be fun no matter what the plan is and a lazy day in is always needed.