Palm Plants & Palm Trees

Add a sense of exotic style to your home and garden with our range of palm trees and plants! Whether you want an indoor or an outdoor palm plant, you'll find them all and more right here at Wowcher.

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Palm Plants

Palm plants can be a wonderful addition to your garden, and will fit in well amongst bamboo plants! They're also a good option if you're looking for a plant that doesn't require a great deal of maintenance. Make sure you place them out of direct sunlight so the leaves don't get burnt. You can keep it in a shaded area, or one of the best parts about palm plants is that they're also suitable for keeping inside the home, so that's always an option.

Palm Trees

One of the most popular types of palm tree to grow in the UK is King Sago palm trees. There's a lot to learn about palm trees that you may not be aware of, so allow us to talk you through a few facts. Palm trees can grow very tall, now it might not reach this height in the UK, but some types of palm tree have been known to reach heights of 200 feet! This type of tree also lasts a very long time, so you'll be able to relax in tropical paradise for a long time to come. A tip we will give you is to wash your palm tree every now and then, keeping it clean will help it to grow more!

Artificial Palm Trees

If you're not ready for a real palm tree, then an artificial palm tree is a good alternative. Don't worry if you're someone who doesn't have the patience or the time for a real tree as this is an option that will suit you much better. Artificial palm trees require no maintenance or watering, apart from giving them a clean a couple of times a year. This would look stunning in your living room or dining room, and don't worry, since you're not watering them, they won't grow any bigger! Artificial palm trees have a very authentic and realistic look, so you can be in paradise without all the hassle.

Palm Tree Leaves

Palm trees will regularly grow new leaves, and as they do this, they will shed the older ones. This is part of the trees natural growing process, so don't worry if this happens! If you do see any dead or loose leaves, it's a good idea to prune these. We do also have artificial palm tree leaves that you can use around your home for decoration. The stems are made of wire and so you can adjust them however you like. These leaves would also make nice party decorations, especially in the summer!

Palm Tree Flowers

It depends on the type of palm tree that you have, but generally most palm trees will bloom large flower clusters. This usually only happens once a year and it tends to be in the spring. To ensure your palm tree blooms nicely, make sure you've planted it in a good spot that gets plenty of light and sunshine. Fertilise it regularly, check the roots and do not overwater are also other good tips for keeping your palm tree flowering!

Cordyline Australis

This type of tree is often referred to as the 'cabbage tree' and resembles a palm tree like appearance. Technically, it is not actually a palm tree, but still provides that tropical feel so we thought we'd mention it anyway! It features stunning green leaves and can grow to roughly 5 metres tall, so if you want a tall tree for the garden this could be it. In the summertime, when the weather is fine, they can also produce white flowers!

Palm Tree FAQs

What Are Palm Plants & Palm Trees?

Palm plants are woody plants that typically live for longer than two years that have a single main stem, and once they've grown over twenty foot tall, they are then considered a palm tree. They're also known as tropical plants, as they are typically in tropical and warmer places around the world, but don't let that deter you from growing your very own palm tree in your garden!

How Do I Grow A Palm Tree In The UK?

Now, obviously we don't have the typical climate and weather here usually that you'd expect to find a palm tree growing in, but that doesn't mean that you can't give it a go! When you plant your palm tree, it's recommended that you choose a spot that's bright and sunny and will provide some shelter from strong winds. Try and choose a location that offers shade as well as sun, as some types of palm tree can burn in hot direct sunlight, and watch as your tropical tree begins to grow!

What's Unique About Palm Trees?

Palm trees are actually quite a unique plant and species and we're here to tell you why! Some species of palm trees can actually live for more than a century, the very plant that you plant might just outlive you. There's also suggestion that palm trees may be the oldest living trees because unlike other trees, their cells do not get replaced with new cells. So, if you're looking for a tree to grow old with you, it's got to be a palm tree!

How To Fix An Issue With A Palm Tree

Sometimes things can go wrong and we can all make mistakes. The best thing to do is to identify the issue and then research a remedy to fix it. Most frequent issues are overwatering, underwatering, not fertilising enough or properly, not enough sun or too much sun and a few others. In most cases, these issues are quite easy to fix, so don't panic if you've made an error.