Paddling Pools

As it's becoming warmer, make the most of the sun with our amazing deals on paddling pools! All these pools can be delivered straight to your door, no need to leave the house.


Inflatable Paddling & Swimming Pools

Whether it's the adults wanting to cool down in the summer or for the kids to have fun splashing about in, a paddling pool is definitely what you need! We have a wide range of pools on site featuring different shapes and sizes, perfect for all garden types. We have small 3 ring shaped pools, which are ideal for little ones and smaller gardens, and we also have larger rectangular shaped pools, which would be perfect for fitting the whole family in! Or for something different, we've got a great range of accessories you can use in the pool like our inflatable volleyball pool game, butterfly pool floats and inflatable pool lilo loungers.

What Is Best To Put Under A Paddling Pool?

So, you don't have to put anything under your inflatable paddling pool, but it might be a good idea to. If your pool is sitting on flat land and the grass is free of any debris, then it will be fine with just a sheet underneath it like a tarpaulin. It is also fine to not put anything under your pool if it's on flat, clean grass as nothing will damage it. However, if you've got a larger inflatable pool, or you're putting your pool on concrete, it's best to put a cloth or other material underneath to stop it getting damaged.

Why Are Paddling Pools Blue?

If you've always wondered why paddling pools are blue, then sit back and allow us to tell you! It's mostly said that they appear blue due to the water reflecting from the sky, the water in the pool then looks slightly blue as opposed to its normal opaque transparent appearance. Paddling pools themselves then tend to come in blue colours so they match the appearance of the water as the sky reflects on its surface, and it's all blue!

How Do You Warm Up A Paddling Pool?

Of course, most of the time you're getting into the pool to cool down, but you don't want freezing cold water as you'll get cold very quickly. Don't worry, as we've got a tip that'll keep your pool nice and warm in the sun! It's recommended to cover your paddling pool with bin bags for about an hour to let it warm up. This material will quickly warm up the water and then it'll stay warm in the sunshine for the rest of the day, simple!

How To Empty A Paddling Pool

Firstly, we'd advise you to change the water in your paddling pool every day to ensure it stays nice and clean. You can also spray it with an anti-bacterial spray to ensure you kill off any germs. The easiest way to empty your paddling pool is with a garden hose. You need to put one end of the hose inside the pool, near to the centre. The other end of the hose needs to be lower than the pool and leave it where you want all the water to come out. The pool will then start to drain, and once it's drained you can give it a clean and a wipe down.