Online Learning Courses

If you're looking to learn a new language or develop your career skills, our range of online courses are perfect for learning from home!

Online Courses for Learning At Home

If you're eager to learn a new skill, taking up a new hobby or take up a creative craft, our online learning courses are just what you need. We've got a mixture of more practical-based courses with certificates or educational ones to help you improve in your area of interest, so dive right in and take a look!

Take Up A New Hobby

Now's the perfect time to go pursue that new hobby that's been interesting you or develop those new skills you've been putting off because you've not had the free time. We have a wide range of online courses in areas like photography, baking, carpentry or learning a new instrument like the piano. We even have online courses for driving tests, taking you through the theory and helping you learn the rules of the road from home so you'll be ready to get behind the wheel!

Or Develop You Career Skills

Our range of business courses offer you the chance to develop new skills to either help you in your current role or make you more employable should you be looking for other work. We have practical courses to help you learn Microsoft Excel, brush up on your employment law for a role in HR or delve into a new profession like accounting or counselling. A number of these online courses include certificates to show for your hardwork and really make your CV stand out when it comes to applying for jobs!

Want something to improve your CV? Check out our range of online business courses and learn a new skill!

Learn A New Language!

Whether you're planning on moving abroad, have foreign friends and family you want to communicate with in their mother tongue or you're simply looking to add a new string to your bow, learning a foreign language is never a bad idea. With our range of online learning courses you can try your hand at French, Arabic, Spanish and many more with clear, detailed modules to guide you through. You can even try a British Sign Language course for a universal way of speaking to people who may struggle with speech or language barriers.

Check out the wide range of new language you can learn with our online language courses!