Oil Filled and Electric Radiators

During these Winter months, we want to make sure you're nice and cosy at home! That's why we've created this guide on radiators to help you choose which would be best for your home! Scroll down to learn more!

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What is an oil filled radiator?

Oil filled radiators are a great and practical lower cost heating solution and they allow you to get heating on demand. The way they work is that they use an electrical element to heat thermal oil inside the radiator, and these can be installed just about anywhere!

What are the advantages of an oil filled radiator?

These radiators have lots of good features including the fact that they are brilliant at retaining heat so they require less energy to maximise the temperature in your chosen room. They also will continue to gently radiate while keeping you warm and comfortable. This is due to the fluid inside as it is designed to cool down gradually!

What is an electric radiator?

Electric radiators are similar to central heating radiators, but they can skip the plumbing part in order to heat up your room or space! They are standalone units and unlike a standard radiator, they contain oil or fluid rather than water.

What are the advantages of an electric radiator?

One of the main advantages is there is no energy wasted with electric radiators. All of the electricity that is used to power this radiator is converted directly into heat. This provides a lower cost way of heating up your home also as you are not wasting anything, and only paying for what you use!

Oil Filled Radiator

We have a great range of oil filled radiators for you at amazing prices. If you're looking to warm your home this Winter with an extra radiator or two, then this is just the thing for you. With three heat settings, you'll be able to customise the temperature to exactly the way you like it. It also includes a carry handle to make transporting it around the house a little easier and has a safety cut-out switch for your peace of mind!

Electric Radiators

We also have a good range of electric radiators for you to choose from! They come with similar features to the oil filled radiators, including three different heat settings as well as an adjustable thermostat control and a safety overheating cut out protection feature. You can also choose if you'd like a black or white radiator. It's also portable so you can easily move it about around your home if required.