8 Ideas for Nautical Home Décor

Does the sea make you feel calm and at peace? Do you enjoy the relaxing whooshing sounds of the sea as you lay beneath the sun? Well, why not bring the sea to your home! We’re crashing on your shore with some nautical ideas so don’t swim away!

Perhaps the biggest way to replicate the ocean is by bringing its appearance into your home. Don’t shy away from incorporating cyan, sky and deep blues across your house and watch as the nautical theme takes over! Another colour scheme that reflects the sea is the combination of white and blue, say aye aye and you won’t lost at sea anymore!

Another way to feel like you’re one with the sea is to embellish your rooms with wooden furniture that aligns with the furniture from a ship. Bringing distressed chest of drawers and side tables, will help you to feel like you are on the edge of an adventure at sea! Fill the drawers with all your favourite trinkets and rare finds, and you’re one more length closer!

Ropes bring stability to ships but they are also a great decorative tool to tie your house together! Ropes allude to togetherness and strength and who wouldn’t want their home to reflect that. Ropes may be unusual, but they are unique, rustic way of embellishing your home and bringing some charm. Rope can replace the stalk of a lamp or can be used as bathroom handles to reflect the sea even more.

Small, unfixed pieces of furniture such as cushions, rugs and curtains are also a great way to make waves! Perhaps the most nautical characteristic is stripes so why not incorporate those in your home too. Through cushions, rugs and curtains you can bring the sea to your bedroom, office and living room.

A subtle way to create nautical home décor is through the display of various motifs. This may include anchors, starfish and other sea animals. Whether its wall art or mini statues, the sea can be reflected in your home in the smallest of ways! Crystal dolphins, model ships and seashells can also be way of showcasing your fascination with the sea and its inhabitants.

While we’ve looked at rugs, jute rugs particularly stand out as nautical inspired. Jute rugs are woven and beige coloured, comparable to a rope texture and inspired by sandy beaches. Similar to jute rugs are woven baskets that provide practicality and add to your nautical home décor! Both pieces of décor are a subtle aye to the sea without being obvious which is perfect for people who wish to gently introduce a nautical theme to their home.

You couldn’t possibly have a nautical theme without a shrimply amazing porthole! There’s nothing like looking out on endless water sitting along the horizon… so bring that tranquil feeling to your home. With porthole-inspired mirrors, you can recreate that feeling right in the comfort of your home.

Are you always wishing to travel to exotic countries with crystal clear waters? Well, why not capture the same sentiment in bath tiles and fill your bathroom with them? With blue or green glass tiles you can recreate the colour of the sea in your own home. Even better, start an aquamarine theme in your kitchen, put the tiles there and see your guests in awe!


Well isn’t that list something to shell-berate! Go on and sprinkle your home with all the sandsational nautical items and don’t let anyone krill your vibe!