Motoring in Birmingham

If getting stuck in traffic jams every day is building up a speed-demon inside you, it's time to put the pedal to the metal and let loose! Luckily here at Wowcher we've got plenty of motoring deals based in and around Birmingham, so all you have to do is pick the sports car you look best in and hit the track. Channel your inner Jensen Button or Lewis Hamilton for our supercar driving experiences, where you'll be racing around the tracks in a Ferrari, Bentley or even a Lamborghini. And if there's a James Bond fantasy you've been dying to play out (strictly car-related, of course), why not get in the seat of an Aston Martin for a serious driving thrill?

Best of all, thanks to our range of Birmingham driving vouchers, you'll be able to enjoy taking the wheel of these world-class sports cars without the accompanying price tag. If something a little more competitive takes your fancy, or if MarioKart is causing family rifts, our range of Birmingham Go Kart experiences should be perfect! And if you still don't know your Vauxhall from your Peugeot, we've even got helpful driving test deals to help you pass the theory exam with the utmost ease! On your marks, get set, BROOOOM!

7 amazing Birmingham Black Friday deals you need to check out

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