Mother's Day Flowers 2023

What's better than a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers to celebrate your mum on Mother's Day? If you're in need of inspiration, here you'll find great discounts plus a guide to help you pick the best flowers for the occasion.

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Mother's Day Flowers

Mums really are one of a kind and they deserve the best from us every day! Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate all mothers and show them just how important they are to us. While linked in the UK to the so-called 'Mothering Sundays' dating back to the 16th century, it's probably the American history of the festivity that started the tradition of gifting flowers. From carnations and tulips to lilies and roses, these are the flowers that people choose nowadays - and they're all great choices! One is actually considered the official flower for Mother's Day. Want to know which one? Read on!

What's the official flower for Mother's Day?

The official flower for Mother's Day across many countries is the carnation, hence why most people tend to associate the two. The reason is found in the campaigning of Anna Jarvis, the woman who is considered the founder of Mother's Day in the United States and who distributed carnations at the festivities first ever service in 1908. Carnations represent faith, love, beauty and charity, all virtues associated with motherhood. For this reason and for their beautiful colour, they're the perfect flowers to gift your mum this Mother's Day!

What are the best flowers for Mother's Day?

Over the years, different types of flowers have grown in popularity as gifts for Mother's Day alongside carnations. Which flower should you choose? Below are the most popular ones with their characteristics and meaning.


Apart from being the festivities official flower, carnations are popular for their elegant and colourful look. They may not be as stylish as roses or as eye-catching as lilies, but they express deep emotions! Pink carnations, for example, represent a mother's love - according to a Christian scripture the flowers bloomed when the Virgin Mary started crying as Jesus carried the cross. White carnations are associated with pure love and good luck, which we're sure are what you feel and what you'd want to wish your mum!


With the event falling on the onset of Spring, tulips are just excellent gifts to give your mum on Mother's Day! Tulips are among the most popular flowers in the world - their quirky, unique shape and beautiful range of colours go perfectly with the bright, joyful season. White tulips are a great pick as they're associated with purity and peace, but pink tulips work very well too, representing good wishes, health and confidence.


Lilies are a solid favourite when it comes to Mother's Day gifts, so you're sure to put a smile on your mum's face if you choose these beautiful flowers! Their striking, big blooms come in a variety of colours, giving you plenty of beautiful options. There's one thing though that challenges lilies stunning looks, and it's their fragrance, of course. Whether you pick them for their appearance, their smell, or both, you can be sure these flowers will be show-stopping.


Arguably the most popular flowers in the world, you simply can't go wrong with roses. Their stylish structure and outstanding beauty give out elegance, purity and strength. Deeper colors of roses translate to deeper love and affection, and that's why white roses are used in wedding ceremonies, representing young love set to grow stronger. The popular flowers can symbolise all sorts of things - yellow roses mean friendship, while soft pink ones are associated with joy and admiration. Perfect for Mother's Day!

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