Moon Lamps

Shop our range of moon lamps and create an ambient background for your bedroom or living room. Our moon-shaped lights can also be engraved and personalised!

What is a Moon Lamp?

As the name suggests, these nifty little gifts are lamps that resemble the shape of the moon, often containing similar textures, colours and appearances to it, using a smart 3D printing technology. Moon lamps work great to provide a calming glow to your room, and are an undeniable piece of decoration that add an element of style too. What's more, most lamps contain a smart touch control where you can change its colour whenever you'd like.

Printed Moon Lamp

To add a bit of customisation to these pretty night lights, you might want to treat a special someone to a printed moon lamp - where a chosen image or text (or both) will be engraved onto the lamp. Whether it be your first photo together, a recent holiday snap, or a quote you both live by, all you need to do is head online, upload your image/text, and the moon lamp will be delivered to their door in a matter of days.

Moon Lamp Air Humidifier

Moon lamps have more functions than just lighting up a room and looking pretty, some can even double up as an air humidifier! Alongside the lamp's night light settings and LED lights, is its automatic spray mode which can fill the air continuously for a matter of hours. These usually come equipped with its own water tank and an instruction manual for you to set things up quickly and easily.

Hanging Moon Lamp

To give your room even more of a galactic ambience, hanging moon lamps are all the rage right now. Think of these just like giant Christmas baubles: spherical decorations that are fitted at the top with string to be attached. The only real difference is that rather than joining onto festive trees, hanging moon lamps can be tied to sections of your ceiling, creating the impression of a mini piece of outer space in your own bedroom.

How to Charge a Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are battery operated and require frequent charging to continue creating that mystical ambience in your bedroom. These products come with a power cord, so you must plug its USB port to a normal charging port, whilst plugging the other end of the cord into the mini charging port at the bottom of the moon lamp. Most chargers will have a light that switches on to let you know the charging has begun.

How to Assemble a Wooden Moon Lamp Stand

To keep your moon lamp standing tall, it requires a sturdy wooden stand. These can be created in just a few simple steps. First, your stand should come equipped with three wooden bends which will create the stand - these need to be attached together tightly (by pushing the sections into the holes). Once they've all been fitted together, the stand should form a hexagonal shape. Simply pop your moon lamp on top of the stand, and you're all set!