Redemption Information

Depending on the nature of the deal you have signed with us you will be using different areas of our merchant area.

Delivered goods

We require our merchants to send their goods tracked to ensure that our customers remain informed at all times. You will receive redemption files every six hours containing the customer information for the orders that you will need to dispatch (you can also locate this info in the merchant area). The password to access these files is 5ZCgbQ77xVKX.

Once the order has been dispatched it is vital that you upload tracking information in the merchant area (this way we can notify customers of where their order is at). Please request from your sales rep or our merchant services team the tracking upload guide.

If you are not using one of our approved courier please make sure tracking is sent to: [email protected].

Please note that the process set out above needs to be followed in order to receive payment.

Services (including attractions, beauty services, and restaurants and bars)

If the customer redeems their voucher directly with you (via email, phone, or by bringing the voucher direct to you) you will need to redeem these vouchers via the merchant area.

To redeem these vouchers go to the Redeem Deal Voucherbox in the merchant area to redeem individual codes, which is as simple as just typing in the full voucher code! Please do so in upper case, without any spaces, remembering to keep the hyphen in the middle as displayed on the voucher.

If the number of vouchers is high you can also bulk upload voucher codes using a CSV file.
Please note this process will need to be followed in order to receive payment.

Deals using Booking Calendar

If your deal has been set up with a booking calendar, meaning that the customer is required to select a specific date at the point of purchase (using allocation you have provided to us) you will receive a booking confirmation via email and there is no need to redeem any vouchers.