Depending on the nature of the deal you have signed with us there are different payment processes.

Delivered goods

If you are using an Approved Courier that can be tracked on Aftership then you do not need to send tracking to [email protected] for payment as this will be automatically processed once it has been validated through Aftership.

If you are not using an Aftership trackable courier (i.e. your parcels are sent with your own vans) then you will need to provide the codes and a couriers manifest as proof of delivery to [email protected] and update your orders with a status in the Merchant Area or API before the merchant expiry date of your deal.

Services (including attractions, beauty services, and restaurants and bars)

Payments will be made subject to the agreed payment terms once voucher codes have been redeemed through the merchant centre.

Payment timings and methods

We operate weekly payment runs. All vouchers that you have both (1) redeemed/validated, and (2) sent us the required proof of postage by 14.00 on a Wednesday will, subject to English bank holidays, be processed in the next invoicing run. All payments will show as having come from WOWCHER [or LivingSocial if the contract entity]. Please only send codes that have not been previously redeemed. You will receive email conformation from [email protected] once these have been processed. Payment will hit your account as per your agreed terms:

Our standard payment method is virtual credit card (VCC) which ensures the fastest payment. You will receive a remittance on Thursday (including all the codes redeemed/validated on that week) alongside which you will receive a VCC which is immediately available to be cashed.

We do offer a 28 day BACS alternative. Here all codes invoiced for the week will be processed on the payment run 28 days later. You will still receive a remittance on Thursday and funds will hit your bank account by the Tuesday of the following week (subject to English bank holidays).

Useful Contacts

Merchant Services:
[email protected]
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[email protected]
Finance :[email protected]
Customer Services: [email protected]
Refund Requests: [email protected]