May Bank Holiday 2022

The Spring Bank Holiday is almost with us, and we're excited for a long 4 days off to celebrate the Jubilee! Check out our top deals below and scroll down for more information on the Jubilee Bank Holiday.

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Jubilee Bank Holiday

The Jubilee Bank Holiday is a time to celebrate 70 years of our wonderful Queen! It's also convenient for us that it gives us 2 days off work to get our celebrating in! We get a 4 day weekend thanks to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, and we're ready to get the party started here at Wowcher. If you're looking for some Jubilee ideas, then you've come to the right place! Whether you'll be lining the streets for a party with your neighbours, heading to London to get a slice of the action or using the time to go on a well-deserved break, we've got the deals for you right here!

Jubilee Decorations

We know that you'll probably want to be celebrating this Jubilee Bank Holiday, which is why we've got some amazing Jubilee decorations for you right here. If you're thinking of throwing a party, then you'll be needing this Queen's Platinum Jubilee party set. You'll be fully kitted out with 16 large plates, 16 medium plates, 16 cups, 20 napkins, 48pc cutlery set, 25 straws, a tablecloth and decorative bunting! All you need now is the food! Make sure everyone has a Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee flag to hand, whether you're staying at home or heading to London, you can still join in on the fun! We'll help supply the wine with this wine bottle hamper which features a Queen's Jubilee bag and 6 bottles of wine. With a mixture of wines, there's something for everyone to enjoy here!

Do We Get An Extra Bank Holiday in 2022?

Yes, we do! The additional day off will be Friday 3rd June 2022 to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, which marks her 70 years of service. The Spring bank holiday, originally set for Monday, May 30th, has moved to Thursday 2nd June so that we can enjoy a four-day weekend for the special occasion. Public events and activities will be in full swing! Whether you'd like to get to London to join the celebration, or perhaps escape to enjoy the extra time off, we've got the deals for you!

UK City Breaks

Make the most of your time off without going too far from home with our great deals on UK city breaks. Whether you want to escape to the bright and colourful Brighton seafront, embrace nature and the stunning views of the Lake District, or perhaps go for a big city destination like Manchester, Edinburgh and of course London, we've got everything you need, and more. Our offers include top hotel stays, spa access, and unmissable discounts on restaurants and activities.

European City Breaks

With most of its wonderful destinations only a few hours away, Europe is always a great choice when it comes to enjoying the short break bank holidays offer. Of course, here at Wowcher we've come prepared, as we have lots of beautiful deals for beautiful locations! Walk the romantic streets of Paris, enjoy amazing food and weather in Barcelona, or marvel at Rome's historic repertoire. This is just a glimpse, so make sure you check out all of our offers! Most of our holiday packages to Europe's best cities come with flights and accommodation included - time to say chao chao to your colleagues for a bit!

Long Haul Travel

Bank holidays are great for short breaks but they also allow for long holidays without having to take too much time off work! The additional bank holiday in 2022 means you'll be able to get 9-16 days off by only booking 3-8 holiday days. Awesome, right? So why not take advantage of it and enjoy a longer trip to a wonderful intercontinental destination? We've got plenty of travel deals for you to choose from, whether you're after an heavenly island like Bali, the radiant sands and unparalleled opulence of Dubai, or the iconic locations of New York and Las Vegas. Of course we have more, and at incredible prices, so you can finally start planning for that long trip you've always dreamed of!