How To Make Your Life Easier With Tech

The future is now! Recent technology is more advanced than we ever thought it would be, and it turns out that a lot of it can make our lives much easier...

Fitness Devices

You may think that something as simple as going for a run or for a brisk walk with the dog doesn't need any technological help, and for some people, this is the case. But, for others who wish to count steps, see how many calories they've burnt, or even just listen to music as they run, technology can make a whole world of difference. Modern fitness apps can help us see what parts of the body we need to work on after just a quick few questions about our health, weight, daily exercise and food intake. You can even tell the app the weight you're aiming for or what muscle mass you want to gain and it will work out a personalised regime just for you in a matter of seconds. Devices that we wear on our wrist or hold in our hand can even motivate us to keep going as we're working out - personal trainers can offer skype call slots and even virtual trainers can keep us on track or tell us to stop when it notices our heart is beating too fast. Of course, it is still entirely possible to lose weight, stay fit, and start a diet without the help of a single app. But when it's so easy to use what technology is offering in order to better ourselves, we see no reason for not downloading a few helpful apps along the way.

Health & Mobility Devices

Whether you're just trying to focus on your health and wellbeing a bit more, or you have a condition that you need to keep track of, technology can help. Health monitors as small and lightweight as watches are now widely available, and can do a plethora of amazing tasks for you such as testing your blood pressure, checking your heart rate, telling you when to inject a medicine you're using, track your sleep and menstrual cycle, and even call an ambulance if it senses something is not right. These kinds of monitors are great for the everyday person looking to learn more about themselves, but they're also a huge step forward in making the lives of at risk or old people easier.


We spend a lot of our time heading somewhere - whether it's driving to work, walking to meet a friend at a new coffee place, or getting public transport in a city you're not familiar with. Knowing where to go in these cases is incredibly important as guessing the route will only ever get you so far, so being able to tap into a map of the entire world on a device that sits in the palm of your hand has been life changing. GPS has advanced so much that it's not just about finding a quick walking or driving route anymore, apps nowadays can plan your entire journey for you including taxis, trains, buses, trams, tubes and even planes. You can simply plug in where you're heading (no need to tell it where you are if you have location settings enabled already), and within seconds you will have the quickest routes available to see step by step. With many apps it's now even possible to share your location along this route with friends and family, making your way home safer as well as easier.

Wireless Earbuds

Though it may seem like a problem that didn't need fixing, now that the world has shifted to using wireless earbuds, we can't ever imagine going back! If you overlook the ease at which they tend to get lost over wired earphones, wireless headphones and earbuds are the new craze - and for a good reason. Not only are they much less fiddly to use, but they are way easier to just quickly pop in for a meeting at work, a call with your mom, or even just a song you cant wait to listen to. They can also be controlled easily too, with most earbuds having sensors in the ear piece that can be touched or pressed to pause music, mute calls, and more. And, of course, with Bluetooth enabled technology you don't have to always carry your phone in your hand to be able to use it. You can wonder off with wireless earbuds in and still continue listening to your podcast.