How To Make The Most Of Your Smartwatch

Make smart choices with your shiny new watch - check out this guide in order to make the most of your brand new device...


An easy way to customise your new smartwatch? A new wrist band! They come in an array of sizes, colours, materials and designs - you're bound to find something that suits your taste. For the internals of the device, think smartwatch interface updates. You can customise the appearance of your watch face style, the layout and even include widgets that you use most frequently.


Your smartwatch can be a great tracking tool - along with telling the time, you should definitely utilise the other tracking applications. Keep an eye on your fitness levels with the step counter and exercise tracking programmes. Monitor your activities and find out how your general health is via sleep tracking, activity levels and even keep a note of your water consumption habits.

Connecting To Other Devices

Depending on your smartwatch model, you can connect to a variety of devices. Typically smartwatches operate on corresponding iOS or Android systems. However, it is entirely possible for different operating system smartwatches to connect together, for example, you can pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone. However, not all of the apps will work if you do so. You can also connect to devices such as tablets. You cannot connect multiple mobile devices to a smartwatch, but you can connect multiple smartwatches to a single mobile device.


Depending on what devices you have your phone connected to, you'll be able to view a vast array of notifications. As well as the standard fitness notifications, you can enable your watch to showcase texts, as well as social media, calendar and email notifications if it is linked to your mobile device, making for simple viewing at the turn of a wrist!


In settings, you can adjust features such as brightness level, vibration type, and heart rate monitoring, as well as set it to do not disturb mode for times when you do not wish to receive notifications.