Long Haul Holiday Destinations

It's time to round up the family for an amazing getaway! The options seem endless, and we've got plenty of you to choose from here on Wowcher all at unbelievable prices. You can check out all of our long haul holiday destinations below!

Long Haul Holiday Destinations Ideas

Whether you're wishing for palm trees and peaceful shores or a place where you can meet your favourite characters like Mickey Mouse, we've got plenty of adventures to suit everyone here at Wowcher! From the jaw dropping heights of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to long walks through Bali and meeting Mickey and Minnie in California. Visit animals in Borneo, feast on amazing curries in India, soak up the sun in Thailand or explore the culture of Bangkok or Nepal! So, if you're looking for a special getaway, pack your bags and start surfing our deals.