Lilac Trees

Get those gorgeous lilac tones in your garden with our amazing range of lilac trees. See our deals below and scroll down for more information on lilac trees!

Californian Lilac Tree

A Californian lilac tree is a type of lilac tree that produces beautiful sky blue coloured flowers in spring! Our Californian lilac tree is very easy to maintain, which makes it an ideal place to start for those of you that are new to gardening. Plus, with our deal your plant comes delivered in a pot so some of the work has already been done for you!

Lilac Dwarf Plants

A dwarf lilac tree is slightly different to the traditional lilac trees, and this difference is what makes it ideal for those with smaller gardens. Dwarf lilacs are a slower growing species that maintain their small position and only grow about half as tall as traditional lilac trees. They are still a fantastic plant to have in the garden and you will still get those wonderful lilac colours displayed on a bare stem! Check out our lilac dwarf plant here!

Lilac Trees FAQs

When Should I Prune My Lilac Tree?

Lilacs work differently to other plants like roses and buddleia, as they flower in the spring and not in the summer. This means the best time to prune them is immediately after they've flowered during the spring season. To prune your lilac tree, make sure you remove any dead flowers all the way back to the stems and this will encourage healthy new flowers to grow in the next year!

How Do I Care For A Lilac Tree?

You can make sure your lilac tree grows perfectly by caring for it very easily. Make sure that you grow them in moist, but well-drained soil and be careful to not overwater them. It's best to plant them in the sun as they thrive in the sunshine so choose a sunny spot in the garden! All you need to do is prune them once a year after they've flowered to ensure they're healthy and ready to grow beautiful new flowers for the next year.

Where Is The Best Place To Plant A Lilac Tree?

When you're planting your lilac tree, keep in mind that they need full sun, so you should choose a sunny area of your garden. If they are planted in an area with too much shade, then they may not bloom and you'll miss out on the beautiful lilac flowers! It's recommended that you plant the lilac tree in a sunny spot where you can expect them to get at least 6 hours of sun every day! Don't forget, lilacs grow the best in moist, but well-drained soil.

Are Lilac Trees Suitable For Small Gardens?

We're glad you asked, because they absolutely are suitable for smaller gardens! Of course, it depends on the variety of lilac tree that you're looking to grow, but our lilac dwarf plants are perfect for those of you with a small garden. As we mentioned above, lilac dwarf plants or 'palibin', are a variety of lilac tree that maintain their small position and grow about half as tall as some other varieties of lilac tree. So, whatever size your garden is, you'll be able to grow lilac trees!

Can I Plant Lilac Next To My House?

If you've always wanted to look out the window and see pretty lilacs filling the side of your house, then your dreams are about to come true! Just make sure that when you plant them you leave enough space between the plant and your house, as roots will spread and the lilac tree will grow in width and height, and you don't want it to completely block your window!

Are Lilacs Poisonous To Dogs?

You'll be perfectly safe with lilacs as they do not contain any kind of chemicals that would harm any animals or humans. Although the plant and its elements will not harm your cats or dogs, it's a good idea to try to stop them from chewing your plants as if they digest the lilac, it may cause them an upset tummy!