6 Kids Toy Ideas for the Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are fast approaching and you might be wondering how you’re going to keep the little ones entertained for six whole weeks. Never fear! Wowcher is here as your very own Fairy Godmother, armed with fantastic deals to make sure your kids (big and small) are occupied throughout the school holidays.

Who needs high-tech gadgets when you have the simple delight of bubbles?

No matter how many years go by, bubbles will always be a fan favourite – according to us anyway! They’re a timeless joy of childhood encapsulated in soapy spheres!

With just a flick of a wand, kids can conjure up a world of shimmering orbs, chasing after them for hours – it’s an unbeatable aspect of youth! Get a break from constantly finding new ways of entertainment by turning your garden into a whimsical wonderland. Plus, watching their faces light up as they pop and play with these iridescent beauties is priceless.

Let the bubbly adventures begin!

You and the family could be dripping in fun this year!

What better way to entertain than the ultimate summer splash fest! Slip and slide into brilliant summer memories, and turn your garden lawn into an aquatic arena, letting the kids zoom like dolphins on an adventure.

With a sand and water beach table set, your mini-me’s can build castles, create moats, and sculpt sandy masterpieces without leaving the comfort of your greenery.

And who needs Disney when you have the electric water gun, turning ordinary outdoor battles into water extravaganza?

Plus, with the water space-theme bounce castle, the sky is the limit for how much your kids can jump for fun!

Water you waiting for?

The balls in your court with this summer’s adventures!

Step onto the court of imagination with jumbo tennis sets—the oversized game that serves up big fun! With rackets bigger than life itself, you’ll be serving up smiles.

Who needs Wimbledon when you've got your backyard as the centre court? It's the perfect game for budding tennis pros or those who just want to have a ball!

So, grab your racket, and get ready to serve up some serious fun this summer with jumbo tennis sets that are sure to make a grand slam! Take a swing

The summer days will go by whether you’re winning or losing!

Step up your game with the ultimate sports day set, packed with everything you need for a day of epic competitions and hilarious fun!

There are jumping sacks to hop your way to victory, spoons to test your egg-cellent balance, and bean bags for some target practice, it's a recipe for laughter and friendly rivalry.

With ankle straps to add a dash of challenge and start and finish lines to mark the course, you'll feel like an Olympic champion in your own backyard!

Gather your crew, unleash your competitive spirit, and let the games begin!

Your kids will be jumping for joy when you set this up.

We’ve got the ultimate summer hack: a trampoline. Hear us out, it’s more than a springy surface, it lets your kids reach new heights on their sunny adventures! After every jump, your kids might be calling you to show you all their awesome tricks, but you probably won’t be safe from bouncing all your responsibilities away either!

We know you don’t have the luxury of summer holidays either, but the whole family could benefit from jumping on the bandwagon of excitement. Let us know when you land on a favourite option…

Before you jump to conclusions, just know you can count on us!

Give your kids a taste of what summer is truly about by busting out a classic like this. We can safely move on from only chalk on the pavement now too! Who says childhood joy must get remastered? Keep the fun of numbered squares going through the generations just like they’re meant too – the fancy games are outdated anyway.

Upgrade them from living room dance routines to dancing on the patio! Jump, jump into victory while mastering the art of balance and coordination!

It's the perfect excuse for quality time outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and making memories that'll last a lifetime. Let the hopping commence!